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Step over here and ....Pimp my frock

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Toots · 11/01/2007 11:47

All the style laydeeees in the house...

I am 40 in Feb and having party in fab shabby chic venue (feel a plonker describing it like that, but is true)

Can see no reason not to wear my beautiful, flattering black crepe Moschino Cheap 'n' Chic (for which read eye-watering even in the sale)cocktail dress which has only had three outings in three years and is from heaven.

DESCRIPTION: Black, crepe, sleeveless, below the knee. Has a languid, easy going kind of a flounce round it's low v-neck and hem. Has s smallish diamante studded black corsage just in from each hip (sounds weird but is lovely). A forties/timeless sort of vibe.

I want to wear it with some COLOUR and need the following (doesn't HAVE to be sale stuff as I don't have loads of time at the moment): shoes - like round toes, like ankle straps, can't do high heels but can do forties type mid height. Also need tights plus some kind of indoor jacket/wrap/special cardy. Plus costume jewellery.

Help me, do.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 12:11

ooh, black with colour - I would pull a scpetical face but see your point.

I think something subtle would work best with what sounds like a truly fab dress. Teal? Pewter? Burgundy or plum might look a bit christmassy but are worth a try.

Few pewter shoes here and here - those second ones look like they come in plum as well but are allegedly brown.

will keep looking...

MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 12:12

oooh, perhaps purple embroidered?

MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 12:12


anniemac · 11/01/2007 12:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 12:32

annie the last 2 links are the same

i was looking for a stole like that, think it would go lovely with the dress.

anniemac · 11/01/2007 12:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 12:34

toots any chance you can take a pic of the dress????

Toots · 11/01/2007 20:10

Mrs Badger, plum, teal and pewter all sound good. Shame those second shoes are brown, not plum. love the nortiness of the leopard ones Animac really, really love them but ...they are just too high for my flat feet. Any lower leopard out there?

So deffo not the raspberry's on the height front. Style wise also like the embroidered ones. But I think forties-ish is the way forward. Love the red jessie's too. Have quite good ankles although am only 5'5. Think straps OK on me.

LOVE the shrug, really fun idea and great colour (what a rack!!! Blimey) but worried it might be short on the crappy winter arms... Anything longer I wonder.

Will get picture up but need assistance so please bear with.

Ruby faux fur shrug and leopard shoes would be killer mixture.....

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 21:24

a furry wrap thing that ties, the shape of the one on the left here , worn off the shoulder will cover more arm than an actual shrug.

Not sold on fur and leopard yet but am loving the idea of a reddish fur and reddish shoes - these are lovely but not round-toed...

Pollyanna · 11/01/2007 21:29

I recently got some really nice 40s style shoes from Office (they aren't on the website)- they come in grey and black and I think purple. have a ribbon on them (sounds odd, but really nice)

Toots · 11/01/2007 21:33

Good thinking Mrs B, but not sure about something tying at the front.... The shoes are beautiful but...too high. They sound nice Pollanna. Will take a look next time I'm out.

Tried to do a photo earlier but need daylight - will post one tomorrow.

OP posts:
foundintranslation · 11/01/2007 21:38

I've a lovely little handmade black and clear bead necklace I can lend you. Not colourful but would look fab with the dress, going by your description. Plus a quite chunky silver ring with an emerald green glass stone. CAT me if you like.

Toots · 11/01/2007 21:43

Blimey FIT, that's weird... was going to add to OP that I think black or maybe clear necklace would be good (on account of diamante) then thought I'd said enough. And yours is both. It's weird and also extremely generous. Love the sound of the ring too, am silver girl. Will CAT you tomorrow, thanks very much indeed. Am just going to have a quick browse for shoes prior to showing interest in DH returning with out-of-character late nate supermarket shopping...

OP posts:
Bucketsofdynomite · 11/01/2007 21:54

I'd go for red patent 1940s shoes (try Ebay first), red satin evening gloves, shiny red earrings and beads and a little red kelly bag. You want to be a showstopper for your own 40th party

Toots · 14/01/2007 21:38

Hi Have got shoes. Funnily enough they are red patent.

First ever link but try this these mad babies

which in real life look a bit higher (photo taken from top) and more of a darker blood red.

OP posts:
Toots · 14/01/2007 21:41

So what do you think?

Bet shoes make some of you boak, they are an acquired taste.

Tights in plain or patterned?

and on top? Anniemac think that shrug might be too raspberry red to work with the shoes.

FIT have forgotten how to CAT so will check that out. Haven't forgotten your kind offer though.

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 14/01/2007 21:51

lovely shoes!

Toots · 14/01/2007 22:10

Yay! Thanks Controlfreaky. Am clopping round house to break them in. They do not bend.

They are actually burgundy rather than red I think.

What about \link{\sscroll down on right

Burgundy cap sleeve shrug. And if so, crystal? or chiffon?

And if so, would my tights have to be black. Think they would. Lipstick to match shoes plus diamante or black or clear jazzy hair clippy thing? (Have short, blonde, layered bob but growing fringe out so don't want it on show as it's yuk.

OP posts:
Bucketsofdynomite · 15/01/2007 10:11

Great shoes, rest of it sounds good too. How about black tights or stockings with a seam down the back? You want to find a real oldfashioned department store and look in the accessories section.
I like the satin shrug best actually, but then the chiffon, then the crystal.
Lots of mascara I hope.

Toots · 15/01/2007 12:01

Yes, lots of mascara.

Do you know, I'm not sure how forties the dress is. Maybe it's thirties-y. Anyway.

Also thinking that burgundy might not be the colour for a shrug. That maybe should go for crystal organza in silver/pewter to match diamante (which now I look at them again - think are rhinestones) and do burgundy hair thing.

Not really a satin fan, buckets but will mull that over.

Anyone think am going down wrong track?

V open to seeing other toppy things.....

OP posts:
Toots · 16/01/2007 09:37

Mrs B, Anniemac, Pollyanna, FIT, Wurly - any thoughts?

OP posts:
Toots · 17/01/2007 09:49

Bump - am dangling only semi-dressed! Help.

OP posts:
purplemonkeydishwasher · 17/01/2007 09:57

i love these!

purplemonkeydishwasher · 17/01/2007 09:58

oops. i should have read the whole thread. those are wicked shoes you got!

wurlywurly · 17/01/2007 10:03

beaded shrug

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