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Interview outfit advice plz, formal

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anemone · 10/01/2007 20:16

I've got an interview for a senior job next week, my first in 9 years, and must look Serious and Professional, but it isn't a business job. So: Have a 50s style suit in black tweedy type material (3/4 sleeve, boat neck, mid-calf length skirt). I don't want to look too formal, so I've bought a lime green round-neck t-shirt for underneath. 1st problem is - shoes. I have a bad back but flats are right out (Short legs, also I notice candidates' shoes when I'm on interview panels , and really HATE the "floppy, unpolished slip-ons with swollen feet popping out of them" look, IYKWIM), and boots might look too Trinnie and Susannah. Any suggestions?
Problem 2: a scarf? Too mumsy? (I'm 38)

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 08:42

I think in this weather boots would be perfectly acceptable - either that or travel in comfy flats and put on a pair of classic heeled courts before you arrive.

I wouldn't wear a scarf with the outfit you describe - one splash of colour is enough - though to be absolutely honest I'm not 100% sold on the idea of the lime green t-shirt - bright colours with black is one of my major aversions as it can look really harsh, esp if it has a high neck so is close to your face.

Tweedy suit sounds lovely though - is it this kind of shape neckline?

anniemac · 11/01/2007 10:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Mumpbump · 11/01/2007 10:05

I am 100% with the others re: lime green. I agree with Anniemac about maybe a camisole underneath or a low round neck top in white - I always think white tops look smart, even if they are rather conventional... Jones have a shoe sale on at the moment if there is one near you. Low heel court shoes of some description, if you ask me. I particularly like kitten heels as well!

anniemac · 11/01/2007 10:10

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Message withdrawn

Mumpbump · 11/01/2007 12:37

Happy New Year to you too!! Vaguely have the idea you went back to NZ so hope it was good...

anniemac · 11/01/2007 12:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

anemone · 11/01/2007 18:27

Thank you v. much (and Happy New Year last 2 posters!). OK, I'll ditch the lime green piece (I'm not olive-skinned, and the collar is that boat one you showed, so the effect might indeed be ). I have a soft aubergine low round-necked top - probably better? Hmm, maybe white is safest (or cream, now sure about my tannin-stained teeth) I looked into camisoles but it was early January and all a bit festive/underwear-like... and I'll head straight for the Jones sale in search of kitten heeled courts!

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 21:54

The aubergine top sounds good, esp if the neckline means it can't be seen when the jacket is buttoned. Have fun at the Jones sale and don't dismiss the idea of aubergine shoes...

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