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Light weight summer suit for DH....and shoe advise

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Katymac · 10/01/2007 19:45

Wedding in Cannes in May

Need a suit for DH - he is Jamaican & can be overly flashy in his clothes so I'm looking subtle & sophisticated


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wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 10:33

what bout something like this?? with a nice short sleeved shirt or even smart t-shirt, not sure bout shoes tho.

JackieNo · 11/01/2007 10:45

Dare I suggest Boden ?

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 11:02

ooh jackie your ones nicer then mine.

MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 11:33

oh yes, can't go wrong with linen

Nice linen shirt underneath if it's hot, or perhaps something striped if he wanted to be a bit edgier.

shoes are difficult - if it was actually on the beach a good pair of leather flipflops can work surprisingly well, but if not then perhaps loafers with no socks? Definitely brown rather than black though. Or possibly something in suede - perhaps an old-school desert boot? V comfy too.

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 12:07

found a really nice pair of shoes but cant post them they are on clarks website and they are called 'ramp edge' quite smart casual loafers

MrsBadger · 11/01/2007 12:30

oh yes, very good. Must be brown though.

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 12:41

and these ones

Katymac · 11/01/2007 20:29

I like the desert boots but not the others

The suits are OK but very beige

DH loves the stripy shirts...I'm not too sure

Thanks for your help (I will prob need more help too)

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