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Compulsive shopping - when is it a problem?

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Questionposter · 07/01/2007 22:16

Before you ask, I don't have ANY debts, apart from my mortgage... I'm just worried that I'm spending too much on rubbish. And it's the fact I hide some of my purchases from DH that makes me worried.

Had to take 2 handbags back today as I had decided I couldn't justify buying them. Know I did the right thing, but was embarassed as DH was there and saw me returning them.

He hasn't said anything, apart from joking about handbags and shoes... just wondered if anyone here knows where I'm coming from?

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fussymummy · 07/01/2007 22:28

If you're not getting into debt over your buying things then there isn't really a problem.

I sometimes buy things when i'm bored, and then have to return them!!

Don't show my partner half of what i buy.

He doesn't need to know everything!!!!

I do now try to look carefully at items and i think to myself, do i really need it????

I have put many items back, after just stopping for a short while to actually think!!!

giggly · 07/01/2007 23:29

QM, do you buy things because you really want them or is it because you think they are nice?If you know they are rubbish then why are you buying them? sorry dont mean to be harsh, but I guess you have to figure out the reasons for buying. I have compulsions to go buy things, clothes, shoes, baby stuff, but I know that I dont need any thing this now. I have heeps of stuff in my wardrobe that has hardly been touched. I now use the money towards days away and holidays, which give me much more pleasure, along with smug satisfaction that although never in debt, I can now control my spending.

Questionposter · 08/01/2007 07:12

I was being facetious when I said I spend money on 'rubbish', giggly . The handbags I returned were good quality - not top-of-the-range expensive but Tula and Ri2K. Both gorgeous, but both not needed as I have a perfectly functional handbag already! (I also have stuff in my wardrobe that has hardly been touched.)

Fussymummy - I'm glad I'm not alone. I think it might be boredom but I'm not sure. Maybe I should blame it on the simplicity of internet shopping? Thing is, I know it's my responsibility - so I can't pass the blame - just it's very unlike me, as I am normally very careful and 'sensible' with money, so the past year has been quite out of character, shoppingwise.

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