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Where can I find some nice dresses for a 3yo online, other than Boden/Vertbaudet/Next?

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franch · 26/12/2006 15:21

... but around that kind of price range (altho I'm looking for winter dresses so some might be in sales) - any ideas?

OP posts:
Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:25


franch · 26/12/2006 15:26

Just looked there, doesnt seem to be much in the way of dresses - ?

OP posts:
Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:31

\link{\monsoon although they are a bit more party dressy than winter dressy, will keep thinking.....

Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:32

monsoon oops

franch · 26/12/2006 15:34

Ooh, they're nice. She does need 1 party dress, plus a couple of casual ones ...

OP posts:
Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:34

a few here

Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:38

these are quite nice

franch · 26/12/2006 15:39

Mm, not sure about any of those ... You're being very helpful tho emskilou!!

OP posts:
franch · 26/12/2006 15:40

Ah - hang on, had only checked the jojo ones ...

OP posts:
franch · 26/12/2006 15:41

Oh LOVELY, I do like the justdresses ones!!!

OP posts:
Emskilou · 26/12/2006 15:41

Babies are sleeping and I should be studying well I am on the computer and I am doing something useful so it sort of counts!!

hoxtonchick · 26/12/2006 15:42

i love hanna andersson . although they're from the states the weak dollar makes them not too expensive. and there's a sale!

franch · 26/12/2006 15:44

I never order from the US hoxton as I'm scared of unexpected taxes - ??

OP posts:
franch · 26/12/2006 15:45

Definitely counts emskilou

Lovely dresses hoxton

OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 26/12/2006 15:47

oh god, you've scared me now . i did a big order before xmas.... will let you know when they turn up!

cremolaturkeywishbone · 26/12/2006 16:12

or here?

franch · 27/12/2006 17:27

Sorry hoxton! Hope it turns out ok!!

cremola I can't find any dresses on either site - ? Altho the vanilla site is lovely!

OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 27/12/2006 17:30

try this one too franch. although the website isn't the greatest, the clothes are really fab. dd is wearing this today & looks fab. very reasonable prices too.

JackieNoHoHo · 27/12/2006 17:45

There's this too, though nothing else in the way of dresses on that site atm.

franch · 27/12/2006 18:20

Brilliant sites Jackie & hoxton - thanks. Love your DD's dress hoxton, might copy that!

OP posts:
forevermore · 27/12/2006 18:30

hpw do you buy from the states online and avoid taxes when they arrive at your door? this happeneded to my sister recently when she recieved a christmas gift

FrostyTheSnowMarsLady · 27/12/2006 18:37

Franch my lovely... I'll be down your way (not just to salsa) next week some time. Do you want me to bring you some dresses? We have loads! I'll share them out between the box (as we're still waiting for K to grow beyond 18-24 months) and your DD.

Miss you too!

franch · 07/01/2007 11:34

Emskilou, just to let you know, I got a couple from Justdresses and they're fab.

Also found a lovely one on the Igloo site, so DD1 is now sorted

OP posts:
tonton · 08/01/2007 14:56

Check these out! My very girly 6 year old would love them!

franch · 08/01/2007 15:05

oh my god - just have to find a ball for her to go to now

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