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WHAT is the solution to caterpillar eyebrows? I am so f(*&*(d off with plucking, it is taking over my life.

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HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas · 23/12/2006 18:19


I cannot be arsed with it any more, I am THIS close to stopping entirely and letting my eyebrows take over my face

what are those JML trimmers like?

OP posts:
steffy1 · 23/12/2006 20:53

in superdrug you can buy home eyebrow waxing strips pre-shaped for less than £3 and DIY! put bonjela or calgel on your eyebrow area first if it hurts you.

they're called eyebrow shapers

NbgSparklyYellowFeathers · 23/12/2006 20:54

That stuff called Nair is meant to be very good if you want to self wax.

charliecat · 23/12/2006 20:54

STOP. On what not to wear..or some other such programme they said that BIG eyebrows are IN this year.
This pleased me because I have whole moustache for eyebrows.

pinkchampagne · 23/12/2006 22:45

Oh that's good news charliecat!

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas · 24/12/2006 07:34

how big?

dont want to be toooo fasionable...
OP posts:
MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents · 24/12/2006 07:41

threading is a very good option
less painful than waxing but lasts a long time.
you have to go to someone to have it done but it's well worth it.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas · 24/12/2006 07:42


more info?

OP posts:
MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents · 24/12/2006 07:48

says here that it's best for people with lots of hairs - don't know if that's neccesarily true actually, I think it works beautifully. (I could NOT wax my eyebrows, I really couldn't)
they just wrap tiny threads around each hair and pull it out. gentler than tweezing but still gets the hairs out by the roots - which shaving doesn't.

MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents · 24/12/2006 07:49

and may I say I am noted for the perfection of my eyebrows - yet I grew up with a nasty sparse ginger monobrow. I have been dealing with mine since I was about 12 out of sheer necessity!
(though mind you maybe they just look extra tidy because the rest of me is such a mess)

earlgrey · 24/12/2006 07:56

You just have to nip them in the bud.

My old boyfriend said I had a seagull on my forehead. Needless to say, the tweezers came out pretty fast!

MKGnearlyimmaculateconception · 24/12/2006 18:49

Big eyebrows may be in, but you want to make sure that they are clean and shaped. Other wise you'll look like this

chestnuttyroastingbythefire · 24/12/2006 19:48

Read this thread with great interest - being overy hairy in the eyebrow region.
New years resolution to try waxing.
Tried a avon home waxing kit but just left me with sticky eyebrows

fishie · 24/12/2006 19:52

yes yes to threading - can you get to an asian salon? cheaper than waxing and much more precise.

otherwise really good tweezers are essential. i speak as one who has to tweeze moustache, anything else makes a nasty rash. outer limit of 'normal personal maintenance' it takes bloody ages.

christmas2NDTIMEmistletoenwine · 29/12/2006 18:37

Groucho had nothing on me!

I've had mine lasered.

Used to have a huge unibrow that required at least daily plucking.

3 sessions of laser at £30 a shot and I have beautiful eyebrows that will never see tweezers again!

christmas2NDTIMEmistletoenwine · 29/12/2006 18:40

Had my tash done too BTW.

I think I'm in mourning for my rituals of plucking, waxing, checking for stray hairs constantly.

It's amazingly liberating but still a great novelty not worrying about it.

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