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What is it with trousers with no bottom?!

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Dottydotthehalls · 13/12/2006 19:26

OK, I'm not a style-y person - have 1 pair of jeans which I wear all the time. But recently have branched out and bought a pair of cords from Primark (yes, yes, not at all stylish, but it doubled my non-work trousers) - but they've got no room for my bottom! They're the right size but they sit so far down me that if I was smaller/they were bigger they'd probably fall down, and even with me squeezed into them they still feel like I'm not wearing them.

Don't get it at all - is it like thongs - supposed to be fashionable but just bloody uncomfortable (not that I've ever worn thongs - I'm an M&S high leg girl myself...).

OP posts:
TooTickyDoves · 13/12/2006 19:30

Oh, I HATE low trousers! The sooner they go out of fashion the better! Very hard to buy sensible ones atm. I'm a weird size too.

pesme · 13/12/2006 19:34

and pants. i haven't bought any pant in about 4 years (i know i know) but i bought some in tk max the other day and they barely cover my bum and i don't have a big bum (any more!)

Macdog · 13/12/2006 19:36

What I don't get is Evans sell low-rise jeans.
Have they seen the shape of most of their clientele!!(and I include myself in that)
I'm not attractive at the best of times, and certainly not in low-rise jeans!!
Wish they'd sell sensible shapes of trousers for lardy ladies like me

Too bloomin' cold for anything short of Simon Cowell stylee trousers anyhow!!

Dottydotthehalls · 13/12/2006 19:42

Have to say my Debenhams jeans are lovely - feel like they look flattering and they're really comfy - lots of bottom room!

OP posts:
JollyOldSaintNikkielas · 13/12/2006 19:47

I have a short body so they fit me better!

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