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Help. Nice shoes advice needed.

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NOELallie · 13/12/2006 14:33

OK. I want some nice eveningy shoes. The loveliest ones all seem to have huge heels. No objection to that per so but as I'm very tall already, and walk like a duck after about half an hours in them, they are not ideal. I also have size 7/8 feet so flatties can look big and clumsy. I always end up with low heel court shoes that I don't really like but they are a compromise.

What shall I buy. What do other giraffes wear? Don't have a budget as such as if I see the right thing I'd be prepared to spend quite a bit as they wouldn't get worn too often so they'd last for ages. So preferably also a classic style that I can wear for ages....

OP posts:
QuadropheniaonIce · 13/12/2006 22:55

lots of sales on atm

RosaLuxembourg · 14/12/2006 10:41

Saw some nice lowish sparkly ones in M&S Autograph section - only £30 or so too. They only had a couple of pairs in our store which is not very big so probably have quite a good choice in bigger stores.

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