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What to do With Enormous Norks but Small Body??

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Highlander · 13/12/2006 11:16

BFing DS2 and thus have enormous norks (32F) on my size 10 body. None of my tops fit, but I'm loath to wear frumpo baggy gear like I did with DS1. have a few mat tops left over, but it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to have some stylish gear, especially as I havre splashed out on some nice feeding bras.

Any suggestions? (tops don't have to be boob feeding-friendly IYSWIM).

OP posts:
MerryPiffmas · 13/12/2006 11:20

Welcome to the club I have this problem permanently
My top tips
Monsoon, empire tops etc
Go to bravissimo for some nice fitted tops for bigger norks
I am size 10 and have 34G's at least atm mo (am pregnant) but usually am 34E/F
Tis indeed a bastard to find thing to fit
T shirts under half buttoned shirts look ok also cardigans with two buttons done up over the boobs but left open anderneath with darker top/t shirt underneath looks ok.

JackieNoHoHo · 13/12/2006 11:45

Yes, I'd second the Bravissimo clothes.

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain · 13/12/2006 12:05

I'm similar - now a 10-12 (always been a 12-14 before) and finding clothes very depressing. I tend to wear a lot of vest tops, or low v-necks in stretchy material so they are slightly more likely to fit (normally still have loose waist though).

Just got a bravissimo wrap dress I think its a nice fit (tried it on last night but can't have it til christmas) - was hard to tell though as I was in a too big feeding bra that gives no support - I think with a good bra it will be the right shape!!!

Highlander · 16/12/2006 20:03

ooh I say - Bravissimo is the answer Those nifty strappy tops look lovely. Cheers ladies!

OP posts:
dara · 17/12/2006 00:17

Size ten body and big breasts are a problem combination??? Since when? You are a sex goddess, woman. Make the most of it! And do not, whatever you do, wear baggy clothes. Wear gorgeous, sexy, cleavage enhancing outfits. Low cut tops, vest tops under wrap tops/dresses/cut tiny tees...I am sick with envy!

UnquietDad · 17/12/2006 00:26

I think "enjoy" is the answer I'd give to the question.

iwouldloveadollypleaseSanta · 17/12/2006 00:43

try tops with a crossover neckline and ties/gathers/high waistline under the bust to make sure you also show off your slimness.

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