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sizing - diane von furstenberg??

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lildrummerKel · 12/12/2006 13:44

Hi, anyone have any clue how DVF wrap dresses run, size wise? I'm about 4mo pg but have no norks to speak of. Don't want it too gappy at the front...


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lildrummerKel · 12/12/2006 13:46

oops sorry forgot to mention I was a size 8/10 before pg, but broad shoulders mean I'm concerned about the arms being roomy enough.

thx again!

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Pennies · 12/12/2006 13:47

I have a DVF dress that isn't a wrap and it came up quite small and I was told that in general the DVF sizes are quite small. HTH.

twelvedaysofchristmas · 12/12/2006 13:54

I bought one in the summer when I was 12/14. The 12 still looked lovely even when I was properly in a size 14 later on, though I did need to put a discreet pin in the neckline as I was 6 weeks pg and my boobs had already grown a lot and they were too much on show. (And arms on dress were fine, despite my rain coat feeling tight.)

That said, the 14 also looked nice when I first tried it on. Just at the time, I preferred the way the 12 sat on the hips.

If it's a wrap you're buying, and you're still fitting in some size 10 clothes, then I would hazard a guess at a 10 in the DVP.

Hope that helps.

RosaLuxembourg · 12/12/2006 13:57

I have a DVF wrap, size US 6 that fitted me when I was a UK10. I am now a (small) 14 and it goes nowhere near me (hoping to get back into it in time for my birthday at end of Feb). It is cut quite small across the shoulders and arms. If in doubt I would go for US 8 if you want to wear it through pregnancy. You would definitely need a camisole or vest top though, I couldn't imagine wearing mine without and I wouldn't consider myself overly modest.

marymillington · 12/12/2006 13:58

i have a stretch silk non-wrap dvf dress - its cut very slim on the arms.

and they are short

lildrummerKel · 12/12/2006 14:03

OK so if I'm wearing size 12 (non-pg clothes) now, do you think this would be a good option? it's for a casual NYE do at a friend's house...

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twelvedaysofchristmas · 12/12/2006 14:48

Can't see ebay at work. Swines. Sorry.

PetitFilou1 · 12/12/2006 15:39

I don't know, but if you like that style of thing, have you looked at Isabella Oliver maternity stuff, it is lovely. She does a gorgeous wrap dress. I will try a link and hope for the best

incy · 12/12/2006 15:46

I am 4/5 months preg - normally a UK size 8 and am still wearing a size 4 (american size ) DVF dress. If you are normally an 8-10 then probably an American size 6.

whensantagotstuckupAITCHimney · 12/12/2006 15:49

i definitely think they are neat on the back, too.

lildrummerKel · 12/12/2006 19:30

cheers, am bidding on one, will let you know how it goes!!! I hate this bit....

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