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I bought myself some leggings today

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JesusWasReallyWelsh · 11/12/2006 17:36

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FioFio · 11/12/2006 17:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JesusWasReallyWelsh · 11/12/2006 17:39

I'm more worried about them going baggy around the ass to be honest

OP posts:
JesusWasReallyWelsh · 11/12/2006 17:43

Someone come and take the piss out of me please, I have to go back to work in 3 mins.

I bought a tight long black top and knee high boots aswell

Thought I could wear them to work tomorrow, tried them on in my lunch break

I look like a hooker going to a funeral

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BudaBauble · 11/12/2006 17:44

LOL at hooker going to funeral!

Am sure you will look great!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 11/12/2006 17:47

oh boris

Following fashion at the expense of looking good is terribly sad.

FioFio · 11/12/2006 17:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DeckthehallsLaDiDaDi · 11/12/2006 17:50

I posted the other week when I bought some. Mine do go baggy at the knees. So far no one has told me that I'm too old for them but dp did look at me suspiciously when he saw them and my mum hasn't seen me in them yet.

mousiemousie · 11/12/2006 17:50

best not worn with tight tops unless you are supermodel shaped and under 25 I would say.

Much easier to wear with a short dress and some bagginess/drapiness around the top half of you!

where do you work, what is he dress code>?

colditz · 11/12/2006 17:53

that's you in your best clothes, that is

colditz · 11/12/2006 17:53

MM, she is!

JesusWasReallyWelsh · 11/12/2006 20:49

I am 24 and have a cracking figure thanks

So shall wear with tight tops

OP posts:
JesusWasReallyWelsh · 11/12/2006 20:49

Ta colditz

OP posts:
mousiemousie · 13/12/2006 09:46

Come on then you lovely supermodel you! - spill the beans - have you worn this look to work now?

JesusWasReallyWelsh · 13/12/2006 19:44

Not the full outfit, the top is too tight to team with the leggings

But Ive bought a grey looser top today, so will wear it on Monday and let you know

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 13/12/2006 19:56

She is 24 and modest tooo.........

FluffyMummy123 · 13/12/2006 19:56

Message withdrawn

JesusWasReallyWelsh · 13/12/2006 19:58

Long toe you muppet

And Ive bought a special non-camel toe pair of leggings

OP posts:
JesusWasReallyWelsh · 13/12/2006 19:59

Long top even


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