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What does a trendy handbag look like?

5 replies

admylin · 08/12/2006 20:23

Can anyone describe or show me which handbags are "in" for teenagers? I have to get one as a gift and I don't use one so no idea what is in.

OP posts:
gingermonkey · 08/12/2006 21:15

topshop has decent quality for reasonable price. My friend's 13 year old wants juicy couture or louis vuitton (like kate has in the latest ad)- dream on!!! but she will settle for topshop! If it has plenty of zips and pockets it is balenciaga or marc jacobs-esque, oversized and it can be a chloe copy. Just have a flick through vogue or something and see which ones you like the look of and I bet you will find something similar there. Just don't pick anything too 'funky' because a teenager will think it's crap!!! (most grown ups are out of touch!) My advice would be to go in and ask a sales asst which ones have been good sellers for the late teen/early 20s and you will be onto a winner! GOOD LUCK!

paulaplumpbottom · 08/12/2006 21:18

Go to TKMaxx they have some great stuff at the moment.

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 08/12/2006 21:20

or new look

admylin · 09/12/2006 11:16

Sorry, forgot to say I'm in Germany so we don't hav ethose shops but the idea with the shop assistant knowing what is right is good if I can get them to respond (german shop assistants could learn alot from their UK equivelants)

OP posts:
gingermonkey · 09/12/2006 16:37

topshop has a website, I don't know if they do international shipping tho. Have a look

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