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ooh hoo lovely velvet jacket in tesco

21 replies

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 11:07


OP posts:
PinkTinsel · 04/12/2006 11:08


WonderCod · 04/12/2006 11:09

no there aint one
ok its sinlge breasted ( obv) with a ribbon tie at hte waist slightly off cnetre
god ist nice

OP posts:
PinkTinsel · 04/12/2006 11:23

mmmm sounds lovely. i'm stalking all the nice jackets i see at the minute as i have none

saving up a fiver a week to buy one so i might just have it for summer at this rate

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 11:26

it ll be 20% off next wek i betcha

OP posts:
PinkTinsel · 04/12/2006 11:29


is the ribbon tie black too?

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 11:29


OP posts:
WonderCod · 04/12/2006 13:06

bump fro lunch

OP posts:
ClementClarkeMoore · 04/12/2006 13:16

Flo and Fred?

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 14:59

hmm didt look
w as too busy stroking it

OP posts:
ClementClarkeMoore · 04/12/2006 15:00

You've already got a velvet jacket haven't you? Teal iirc

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 15:00


OP posts:
MrsSpoon · 04/12/2006 15:01

Sounds nice, didn't see any in my local Tesco the other day, although I am still have a magnetic attraction to the cashmere jumpers every time I am near the clothes aisle.

nailpolish · 04/12/2006 15:05

why doesn everyone have a thing for teal just now?

jackieno found a gorgeous one (coat) the other day, bu t i just cant bring myslef to like the colour

i thinki know the jacket you mean in tesco but i went off it when mother said she liked it

FiveGoldenFIMBOs · 04/12/2006 15:08

My local Tesco (biggish) never have the clothes they advertise in their magazine.

MrsSpoon · 04/12/2006 16:11

I like teal, IMO tis one of my colours.

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 18:36

moi meme mrs s

OP posts:
LIZS · 04/12/2006 18:41

Clothes were all reduced last week !

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 18:42

this is new i htink

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 04/12/2006 23:01

I looked this evening and couldn't see it

WonderCod · 04/12/2006 23:01

did you seagull?

OP posts:
yoyo · 04/12/2006 23:03

Was featured months ago in the supermarket must-haves. There is a men's one too (without the tie of course). Have not seen it which is usually the case when things are recomended.

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