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grey hairs at 25?

11 replies

Thaigal · 03/12/2006 23:26

Is it normal to start getting stray grey hairs at 25??

(have pulled them out but found 3 altogether!)

OP posts:
Linnet · 03/12/2006 23:43

my cousin was completely white rather than grey by the age of 17. It's hereditery (sp?) in our family to go white early, my granny takes delight in telling me I'm lucky to not be completey white by now. Sadly I've had a good few stray white hairs coming through since my early 20's and it's getting worse, but not as bad as my cousin.

How old were other members of your family when they started going grey? It is a genetic situation.

LadyOfThePoinsettias · 03/12/2006 23:52

my dh, 25, is going grey down the sides and round the back.
his brother ,28, is really grey at sides and back.

MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents · 03/12/2006 23:56

yes - I have been getting stray grey hairs since I was in my teens. bear in mind they also show up more depending on the colour of your hair so you'll notice them more if you have dark hair. (mind is red) I'm sure blondy people or people who colour their hair get lots they never even notice.

I'm getting more now but by no stretch of the imagination am I now going grey (am 32).

Harkthefubsyangelssing · 05/12/2006 00:34

First grey hair at 18, completely grey by late 30s. Stopped dying my hair whilst preg with dd, started very quickly afterwards as terrified of being mistaken for her granny. It will be a while before I can contemplate going "au naturel" again, prefer to dye it brown to bright red. Blond makes me look ill.

fortyplus · 05/12/2006 01:31

A friend of mine started going grey at 12!

I'm 45 and got my first one at about 35, but still only have a few.

mamama · 05/12/2006 01:42

My grandfather went grey at 21 so I count myself lucky to still have mostly dark hair at the age of 29. Do keep finiding more and more grey ones though

nightowl · 05/12/2006 02:56

worry not, i have a lovely grey stripe on my parting side. it first made itself known when i was 24. i pulled them out at first but stopped when i realised last year i was getting a bald patch. thats what hair dye is for.

alibauble · 05/12/2006 03:05

I was 23 and got a streak of white overnight. You have to really worry when you get white pubic hairs . I'm getting so old. Don't think I'll dye them though.

mamama · 05/12/2006 03:13


jabberwocky · 05/12/2006 07:07

ali! I have a friend who owns a day spa. Sha had a client come in for a bikini wax and dye job so she wouldn't look "so old down there".

fuzzywuzzy · 05/12/2006 08:04

I've had a few since I was about 10.
But I've always been told not to pull them out as you'll get a million white hairs in place if you do.....

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