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Magic pants - best ones for holding in stomach please

15 replies

PetitFilou1 · 27/11/2006 13:09

Have bought very nice LBD from Reiss and have been looking for one for ages. I was surprised I could get into it actually as it is very fitted but dh gave the nod of approval. Just need some stomach holding in pants to go underneath that don't give the 'muffin top but just a bit further up the body' effect. Any suggestions? Are Spanx any better than M&S?

OP posts:
fortyplus · 27/11/2006 22:31

You won't believe this but my Mum just bought some for £5 in Primark that she says are loads better for a floppy 70 year old tummy than the 20 quid ones in M&S!
I leave you to judge whether they might suit you!

controlfreaky2 · 27/11/2006 23:43

spanx are what you need. they are the business.... not all shiny and surgical like m and s. get the ones that hold EVERYTHING in.... start half way down thighs, end up under bra.... if you just have pants it just dislodges the bumps and lumps to a different area ime!

Skribble · 27/11/2006 23:46

Might try those, I did get some in BHS but they were so uncomfy I said bugger it and put my old faithfuls on and just breathed in.

PetitFilou1 · 28/11/2006 11:36

Thanks, I will try Spanx, I guess you get what you pay for.....

OP posts:
themoon66 · 28/11/2006 11:41

So .... just looked at the these Spanx things on Can anyone enlighten me about sizing please? I mean, do I buy the size I am, or do I buy the size I want them to make me? ie: I'm a 12, but if I buy a 10, will they make me a 10?

controlfreaky2 · 28/11/2006 11:57

i think when i bought mine they had one of those boxes on the back (like expensive tights) where you work out size by looking at height / weight.... mine are a "C". i'm a size 16.... not sure if that will help. i do think you buy them for size you are in current rl not in your dreamlife! hth

panda31 · 28/11/2006 12:17

I've just received some magic pants in the post this morning. They are by Cette and are brilliant. Just tried them on with my outfit for Sat night and my belly disappears (well almost). They make my bum look quite good too - not as flat as my M&S granny pants do. They are quite a bit cheaper than Spanx. I got them from an internet company called The Magic Knicker Shop - I only ordered them yesterday and they arrived this morning.

themoon66 · 28/11/2006 13:33

I liked the look of the Spanx ones coz they go from your mid-thigh right up to your armpits almost (I suffer from serious muffin-top with lower waisted ones).

fortyplus · 28/11/2006 22:14

Can you buy the Spanx ones in the High Street or are they only available online?

controlfreaky2 · 30/11/2006 20:33

any decent department store should do you.....

KezzaG · 30/11/2006 20:40

I have just got some M&S ones and was pleasantly suprised. My previous experience of them seemed to be that they just squashed everything out sideways and gave my love handles but these ones are good.

They come up higher and do thong ones if vpl is a problem. They flatten my c-section right angle tummy perfectly.

FestivelyFrostyFloss · 30/11/2006 20:41

Yes if I am a size 14 could spanx pants make me size 4? Or would I need to buy multiple pairs.

controlfreaky2 · 30/11/2006 22:55

mmmmm if i wore 22 pairs would my bum be invisible to the (naked) eye??

Lucy1977 · 03/12/2006 07:47


I hadn't heard of Spanx until I read this thread. On Friday I went to DH's Christmas party and as I was in Debenhams I thought I'd have a look at the Spanx, I ended up buying the ones that look like cycing shorts and as Debenhams have 20% off until 7th December I bought some (£16.20 rather than £18).

They're fab! Wore them that night and didn't worry about my tum at all. I didn't wear tights so I was going to feel really wobbly with my knickers but the spanx were lovely.


swifter · 03/12/2006 09:09

have just ordered some - thanks for tip!!! heres to a lovely smooth tum

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