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OK. Leggings and Shoes

48 replies

nailpolish · 27/11/2006 09:35

WHAT shoes to wear with leggings?

really want to wear heels but flats seem to be the way to go

OP posts:
FIMBO · 27/11/2006 12:01

Yes I would say black.

doormat · 27/11/2006 12:02

black, dont do a barberella np

nailpolish · 27/11/2006 12:02

yes i know that twig in a plant pot look!

i really really dont want to wear boots out clubbing tho'

OP posts:
nailpolish · 27/11/2006 12:02

lol @ barbarella

good point

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 27/11/2006 12:04

On a night out ?!

Wear heels and be done with it.

I don't think you'll look tarty in the slightest, so long as your top isn't skin tight.

Flats will look too daytime and you'll feel poo in them what with you being so glam and all.

NomDePlume · 27/11/2006 12:05

By heels I mean stiletto type court shoes, nothing strappy

nailpolish · 27/11/2006 12:15

all hail ndp

ok, bugger it ill wear the heels

i have a pair of patent black mid-height pointy heels that i think looks ok

you are so right ndp, i will feel poo wearing flats

being a short arse, you feel poo when you wear flats, but this is especially so on night out

ta x

OP posts:
nailpolish · 27/11/2006 12:18

"stiletto type court shoes"

my black patent mid-heel (ie 1.5/2 inch) pointy shoes are just that?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 27/11/2006 13:11

You'll be stuck in peoples sweaty armpits if you don't cheat a bit of height

Yeah, I'd go for pointy and high, or those kitten heeled numbers sound good too.

Flamesparrow · 27/11/2006 14:53

Distinctly remember yelling heels at 11ish

nailpolish · 27/11/2006 14:58

flame i took notice i really really did

when i had two votes for heels that when i thought oh bugger it then i will

OP posts:
PennySweets · 27/11/2006 17:04

Hey, I saw a woman at the school today in velvet midnight blue leggings complete with strap that goes under your foot! Remember those? She was wering them with loafers and looked like a right dork. I used to work with a girl who wore leggings with feet straps, and she wore them over her boots, under the sole!!!

corrina28 · 27/11/2006 17:48

omg PennySweets i used to do that!!

Flamesparrow · 27/11/2006 18:28

That's ok then

Ellaroo · 27/11/2006 18:34

I'd get some ballet flats from Faith. The leggings and jumper-dress sound lovely though.

laneydaye · 27/11/2006 18:36

Personally i would wear them with a nice glam pair of stilettos, makes you look tall and slimmer..

Flamesparrow · 27/11/2006 18:59

I was thinking glam stillettos too

NomDePlume · 27/11/2006 21:19

They were Ski Pants Penny . Bloody gorgeous

kdinas · 27/11/2006 22:47

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Only Doc Martins will look good.
Everything else will look shite!
Don't you remember?

nailpolish · 28/11/2006 15:27

i would wear ballet flats for daytime

this is for a night oot so im wearing the heels

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 28/11/2006 16:41

i would wear flat shoes, calf length boots or heels. not heeled boots though.

kdinas · 29/11/2006 15:59

I just want everyone to wear doc martens again, so I can wear mine...........

Best thing about the eighties!

Flamesparrow · 29/11/2006 16:25

I'll wear mine... but not with leggings!

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