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Hair and fringes!

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noddyholder · 24/11/2006 10:31

I am having my hair cut today and am thinking of a fringe.I haev had the same long hippyish kate moss type boring hair for years and want a complete change.I am 41 so am thinking a fringe would delay the botox!I have long red hair which is quite thick,my face is heart shaped I think Is a fringe hard to maintain?

OP posts:
MamaG · 24/11/2006 10:32

I don't suit fringes at all as I have a small forehead. They can look great though. My friend has hers trimmed every 2 weeks or so and uses GHDs every day without fail. IF not, it looks a bit naff apparently (I've never seen it!)

noddyholder · 24/11/2006 10:34

I have a small forehead too Oh no!My appointment is in an hour and a half

OP posts:
MamaG · 24/11/2006 10:35

How about having a long, thin fringe that gets swept to the side? That style suits me!

incy · 24/11/2006 13:56

No I had one cut in and it is brilliant (makes me look younger). I do have a long thin face but I think a decent hairdresser can adapt any style to look good whatever face shape you have.

noddyholder · 24/11/2006 14:26

Well I'm back and have a side sweepy fringe but not enough of a fringe imo Lovely cut though and so I'll live with it for a week adn then go for a full fringe

OP posts:
MamaG · 24/11/2006 16:32

oh good stuff! Might make you "accept" the new fringe more, if you've got used to having hair there first

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