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the layered look. i need long-sleeved, round necked tops in lovely colours

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AitchTwoOh · 22/11/2006 23:37

but i need them to be long in the body... am sick of trying things on and then finding they've skimped on the fabric at the waist. if i wanted to show my mid-riff off i would never have had a baby and given myself a stomach like a cottage loaf left out in the rain.
also, as lycra-tastic as possible so they look nice and skinny on the arms.

any ideas?

OP posts:
Avalon · 22/11/2006 23:46

long sleeved top in green

Avalon · 22/11/2006 23:47

And that would be the colour that's sold out! Sorry. They do do it in other colours too.

AitchTwoOh · 23/11/2006 10:57

oh balls, i was in town yesterday and noticed we have now got a long tall sally, but never thougth to go in as i am such a short, squat mummy. thanks for answering avalon, i'll venture in next time... they're bound to make tops longer in the body. good thought, thanks.

OP posts:
JackieNo · 23/11/2006 11:01

I think someone mentioned the Dorothy Perkins ones (scroll down a bit) are quite long in the body. But no lycra, I don't think.

AitchTwoOh · 23/11/2006 11:04

the teal and the green are nice. the problem with the 100% cotton is that once you've washed them a few times they bag at the elbows, though, and layering is not about bagging, i find. still, for 7 notes you can't complain. thanks.

OP posts:
JackieNo · 23/11/2006 11:07

This has some lycra, but not many colours, and pretty expensive.

laughinglil · 23/11/2006 14:14

primark? their long sleeve t-shirts have lycra in them, they don't bag and are long in the body. Plus they are only £3 and they come in every colour imaginable.

controlfreaky2 · 23/11/2006 14:16

gap stretch oes. loads of colours, long i body and not too pricey...

TheHighwayCod · 23/11/2006 15:02

gap are long

TheHighwayCod · 23/11/2006 15:07

very long in fact
were on a n offer recently

TheHighwayCod · 23/11/2006 15:08
moondog · 23/11/2006 15:13

I think one has to be very careful with this look.
One asumes it is covering a multitude of sins (eg post natal midriff) but in fact that cotton clings most unattractively to bulges (of which I'm sure you are not possessed...)

I made similar mistake for years and spent a great deal of money at Boden financing this habit.

AitchTwoOh · 23/11/2006 16:54

the gap ones are too long, sadly... i've tried them on before. i was so excited when i saw them but they looked like a skirt over jeans and while i am pro-layering i'm not in love with the skirt-on-jeans thing. they are quite clingy as well so it's a disaster for me as i have a wee bum but not much of a waist so there's only the tum left to cling to.

i have a lot of nice 50s-ish scoop neck sweaters with 3/4 sleeves that i like, but they are too cold in this weather. also good cap-sleeved wrappy things and twin-setty cardies which i like to wear with bright patterned skirts and boots and a coloured coat, that sort of thing.

if i could find a good tight contrast colour top to wear underneath that would just pooch out a bit underneath and at the sleeves then it would effectively act as a vest underneath but provide a bit of interesting detail at the sleeve and neckline.

m&s did one a few years ago in the perfect fabric (i buy hundreds of their limited collection strappy vest in the summer and it was the same stuff) but only in black and they don't even have them any more. the reason i'm against 100% cotton is that it will fade and start to look casual and i am Against Casual.

i'll have a look in primark. £3 sounds superb as well, as does the lycra. cheers all.

OP posts:
clumsymum · 23/11/2006 17:01

M&S are doing these right now, in about 6 or 7 colours.

They're £7 each, but at the moment buy 2 for £12.

I've just bought 4, in different colours. They are really comfy, and super under their Cashmilon v neck jumpers (£12 each, loads of colours). I'm going for the layered look, mainly cos I HATE the cold.

AitchTwoOh · 23/11/2006 17:11

are they? the bastards. i was in our store last week and they only had scoopy-necked ones which weren't any use. i'm off to the website toot-sweet, as no french person would ever say...

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 23/11/2006 17:36

oh now TOO Long

Tutter · 23/11/2006 17:38

i have a couple of the long sleeve crew necks mrsbadge has linked to. good length in body and arms and only £7

Tutter · 23/11/2006 17:39

oops it was jackieno that linked

controlfreaky2 · 23/11/2006 20:44

too long?? really? hmm.

JackieNo · 23/11/2006 20:46

These are the M&S ones - no lycra, though. But 2 for £12.

JackieNo · 23/11/2006 20:51

And Laura Ashley has some that claim to be 'scoop neck' but are otherwise what you're after. The scoop doesn't look too deep though?

controlfreaky2 · 23/11/2006 20:51

ha! back to gap with you. those m and s ones are not v nice imo (sorry clumsymum ... are a bit thick and boxy shape... and not a sniff of lycra.

AitchTwoOh · 23/11/2006 22:13

oh god. i'll go back to the gap. but the vests last season were definitely too long. they were like frocks, fgs. i just want something to keep my tum warm, not my knees. i'll check out the laura ashley ones, but a scoopy neck will be funny-looking cos my tops are already scoopy or Vs.

i appreciate that i am being difficult, and i very much appreciate your efforts thus far... but honestly, how difficult can it be for a shop to make a nice long-sleeved t-shirt in good strong colours that will wash more than once? enquiring minds need to know!

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 23/11/2006 22:23

well you were wrong. i like a challenge
now, (a) how tall are you? were they really round your knees?? and (b) i wonder which ones you tried... the basic staple strech long sleeved crew or v necks?? or some fly by night high end fashion item that was in fasct a dress??
am this moment wearing a round neck long sleeved very light weight and stretchy gap top which is meant by them to be sleepwear... is seamless and really good for layering.... but the basic ones are too imo and are good length but definitely not dress like. get back in there and look properly woman....

AitchTwoOh · 24/11/2006 00:22

okay. the ones i tried on were vests and t-shirts that gap did for summer. they were specifically (or so the very slender, very young and very beautiful gapgirl told me) for layering. but when i tried them on they were just a bit too long, especially to be worn over a skirt. it's really just a long-sleeved vest that is not baggy that i want. in good colours. i'm now thinking of looking at thermals cos that's the sort of thing i'm after. i'll keep an eye out for sleepwear as well, cheers.

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