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crunchie · 18/11/2006 14:04

I bought fab bag recently at our local dept store (it was cheaper than this site at £33.99 - a bit of a bargain IMHO

Now I've found LOADS more I just LOVE

Look at this shoes and handbags what more culd a girl want


I am going to contact the local dept store and ask if they can stock more stuff

I know they are not leather but they look so cool

OP posts:
Dropinthe · 18/11/2006 14:07

They are a bit Radleyish but without the dogs!

crunchie · 18/11/2006 14:08

AND only £34 for a decent sized bag

I also bought some great wallets with appliqued butterflys/flowers on for £13.99 each - fab gifts for SIL

OP posts:
AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 14:18

gorgeous imo

TheHighwayCod · 18/11/2006 14:22

i dont like the naffo pictured on them

AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 14:23

well don't buy one fish lips.

Sheraz · 18/11/2006 14:24

Sory but i think it's horrible.

AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 14:25

they're a bit of fun

Sheraz · 18/11/2006 14:35

Sorry didnt measn to sound so abrupt. Diferent strokes for diferent folks. Enjoy your bag!

AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 14:44

tee hee that was a little scary

Sheraz · 18/11/2006 14:47

Well I killed yet another thread < I shal goo and rain on someone else's parade - motto to self -think first, type later repeat 100 times. No wonder didn't get a mention on the fave MNers thread. Hohum.

AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 15:19

Sheraz, you're my favourite today, in your sparkly jeans

crunchie · 18/11/2006 15:31

oy sheraz I was nice to you on YOUR thread

I love the bag it is funky and me, so there (I wouldn't wear black sparkly jeans though )

OP posts:
Sheraz · 18/11/2006 16:23

Sorry Crunchie, I am probably the least sensiive person I know. I am sure you look fab with your bag!

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