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Are ponchos now hopelessly naff and out of date?

9 replies

WhizzBangCaligula · 18/11/2006 12:38

Will I be arrested by the style police if I wear one? Or will I get off with a caution because I'm 40?

OP posts:
AllieBongo · 18/11/2006 12:39

not if you like it. sod the style police

Tinker · 18/11/2006 12:39

My eldest is still permanently attached to hers - but she's 9.

Tanktop · 18/11/2006 13:43

Still very fashionable in Italy. All the hip trendy people are wearing them over here.

Quadrophenia · 18/11/2006 13:49

I would say it depends on how you wear it, as with anything, they still look very good if worn in a stylish manner with very classic clothing, however if worn with 'trendy' stuff I would probably say no it will look naff.

Bozza · 18/11/2006 14:13

Hmm I have stopped wearing them, but 2yo DD loves hers.

cupcakes · 18/11/2006 14:14

I am vastly pg and it is probably the only thing that would fit - but I still won't.

TheHighwayCod · 18/11/2006 14:23

i think they are ok

iwouldloveadollypleaseSanta · 18/11/2006 15:27

you will get a caution but who cares as the style police are all 19 years old and know little of RL considerations. ponchos are comfy and give a person a little swing on an otherwise dull day

Rosa5 · 18/11/2006 15:57

oooh no I am coming to the Uk on MOnday and purchased one as Tanktop says they are the No 1 item in Italy this year..and thought for once I would try to be on the edge of fashion . Well maybe 9 yr old niece might like it !!

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