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help, need to get severl pairs of new shoes, but no longer a shoe person.

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stitchthezenmaster · 16/11/2006 21:18

i jusst cant seem to like anythign. and i need to get severl as going abroad for a month to sisters wedding, so will need shoess and wont be able to wear my boots. and too cold for my birkenstocks.

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MrsBadger · 17/11/2006 10:38

where is wedding?
what is dress code?
what is rest of wedding outfit like?
what kind of clothes d'you normally wear?

(M&S is v good for shoe-haters as you don't have to deal with snotty assisstants - just grab right size and try)

stitchthezenmaster · 17/11/2006 11:00

weddin0g is in pak0is0tn. very 0dressy0,0 bu0t tbh, its not the ac0tua0l0 weed00d0ing shoes im concerned0 ab0out0.0 i0ts the fact0 t0hat0 im0 0goin00g there after years and yer0s and y0ers 000000000for lmost0 an entire month, and will be seeing all the reltives agin e0tc. so will need lots of going out shoes for dinner p0r0ties etc.
lso over here i normlly wer wstern stuff, but there will be wering shalwr kameez stuff mostly. so formally stuff relly. will go look at mand s.
sorry, the sero nd the aa are stuck on keyboard. too mny cups of coffee

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