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What colour top & shoes to wear with grey dressy trousers.

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Bozza · 16/11/2006 20:16

Right I am going out to some Christmas do's. Rather than buy a dress that will hardly be worn again I was thinking about getting some trousers I have seen in River Island. They are grey tweed with diamante on belt loop and a ribbon belt. So they are the sort of thing that could be dressed up or down.

I was thinking about getting a top and some shoes in the same colour to glam them up. I had thought of purple but there doesn't seem to be much around this time. Any other colours that would look good with grey?

OP posts:
SoMuchToBits · 16/11/2006 20:22

A teal green would be good

MaggieW · 17/11/2006 08:05

A soft silver grey with silver sparkly bits on it. River Island had some lovely vest type tops in this week which had a bit of sparkle to them. Would look lovely under a jacket or cardigan. They actually had a lovely cream smart/casual jacket and cream sparkly vest which would look lovley with grey too. I was very tempted!

mullingitover · 17/11/2006 10:44

I think that pale pink looks lovely with grey too - not sure how much is around at the moment, but worth a look.

If not, then cream is always a good colour to match up to grey.

JackieNo · 17/11/2006 10:48

Agree with teal or duck egg blue (bit like this top from Laura Ashley - although the style may not be your thing)

jabberwocky · 17/11/2006 10:49

You can never go wrong with black, imo.

Bozza · 17/11/2006 18:14

Thanks everyone. I will go shopping with those colours in my mind. Jackie the style of that cardigan suits me, just not sure about the price.

Would you get top and shoes in the same colour, the grey trousers, and I have an old dark grey/pewter slightly sparkly handbag. Then what about a cardigan/jacket/shrug - what colour for that?

OP posts:
PanicPants · 17/11/2006 18:19

pinks, purples, light blues/greens, black.

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