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TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:10

got soem clarisn hand cream fromt hem( they import form Gyuensey) for only a tenner including postage

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/11/2006 12:11

do they sell Chanel fragrances?

TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:17

hmm no idea
i only foudn tem on a kelkoo search so didnt really hsop around

OP posts:
Tutter · 16/11/2006 12:18

mmmm it's a love;y name they're trading under

expatinscotland · 16/11/2006 12:19

just looked. they do, but it's the same price at boots.

oh, well.

i need a bottle of Coco, but fortunately a Greek friend is going home this weekend and she can get me a bottle in euros for nearly half what you pay here.

TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:21

cheapoid Juicy tubes

wonder how much postage woudl be

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:21


OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:22

so oyu still save £ 3 sumat

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/11/2006 12:24

Juicy Tubes are over-rated. It's LIPGLOSS, fgs!

TheHighwayCod · 16/11/2006 12:24

oh ey sbut fab smell imo

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/11/2006 12:30

they're too sticky. and they don't last any longer than Carmex, IME.

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