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I know there's a lot of these threads but please help me find outfit for DH christmas party

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Lucy1977 · 16/11/2006 10:29

Hi everyone

Lots of you gave me some great advice on how to spruce up my wardrobe and give me some more feminine daytime outfits. I'm loving the new look I have but I'm stuck on what to wear to my DH's christmas party at the beginning of December. The dress code is "party frocks".
I'm 5ft 7in, sort of a pear shape (big bum) but am still bfing 9month old DD so have some boobies too. Size 12 with blondish hair and pale skin(might get a light fake tan done). Like shoulders and arms, waist is coming back since I've been ill the last week but that might've gone by the party if I can't resist stuffing myface once I'm better

So, any ideas? Or can anyone point me towards a shop with loads of nice things in Glasgow?

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 16/11/2006 10:50

Sounds like a candidiate for a prom-type dress - snug bodice, full skirt, showing off shoulders and arms (or even strapless if you have a good strapless bra).

Debenhams have masses, but have a peek at Monsoon for dresses in this kind of shape - they have red, green, black lace, and a rather fine blue-and-black oriental print and they are fantastic for creating a waist and for showcasing norks whilst concealing the beefiest of bras. (I think the green one could look very good on a blonde.)

An alternative is to go for something this shape (ie empire line) that gathers under the bust and bypasses the waist entirely. I'll confess I find these hard to get right though - being small of nork, if they fit round the top they cling like a demon round the arse.

If you're on a budget Tesco has some v good-looking partywear here - if the prom-dress type doesn't appeal have a look at their Galaxy ripoff , but I think it'd be a shame to hide your nice shoulders.

Get some fab shoes too - everywhere has cool ones this time of year (particularly desirable hot pink glitter stilletos in Peacocks if your tastes run that way )

Lucy1977 · 16/11/2006 12:20

Thanks Mrs Badger

I really love the red one from Monsoon but will try the blue empire line one on as well.

Now bags and shoes - do they have to match? could I wear black strappy shoes and a black handbag with those dresses? If I can then more likely to be able to afford the monsoon dress.

Has anyone seen any teal coloured dresses? Seen lots of celebs in them lately and wondered if that might be a nice change for me.


OP posts:
MrsBadger · 16/11/2006 12:43

yes black shoes and bag should be fine
agree teal lovely (suits lots of people including me ) but everywhere seems to have gone all red-and-black for Christmas (grr). The green Monsoon one's worth a look, but see what you see in actual shops once you're out there.

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