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Party Dress HELP!!!

9 replies

noddyholder · 16/11/2006 08:06

I need a party dress for a x,as party but it is not a posh do more a big get together of old friends and their partners.It is in a pub they have a few rooms upstairs and it is a fairly trndy place I am 42 size 12/14 but big boobs!Legs and arms ok fairly pale skin but will be having a spray tan I hav long red hair(not bright ginger though)I suit green and black no red!I have long heeled black or brown boots and lots of shoes so thats not a problem.Don't want to look busty barmaid though

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noddyholder · 16/11/2006 08:06

I am not 42 though slip of the finger I am 41 this weekend!

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JackieNo · 16/11/2006 08:20

Something like a wrap dress? This one has quite a lot of pattern, would that work? Or do you prefer something in black and white ? Have to go to do the school run, but Wallis also have some nice ones - wrap ones good for the bigger norked, and anything with a v-neck, wrap effect over the bust.

brimfull · 16/11/2006 08:22

Oh I agree with jackie ,there are a few nice wraps in h&m and monsoon.Sorry can't do links...must learn.

noddyholder · 16/11/2006 08:30

Sorry but definitely not a wrap dress I think they look terrible on big boobs unless you are big bum too which I'm not!I had a plain black one last year and always felt like my boobs were in everyones faceI like an empire sort of shape with maybe a knot or a twist under the bust.Or a skirt and top AAAAAAAAAAAH

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JackieNo · 16/11/2006 10:14

No worries - will have a look.

JackieNo · 16/11/2006 10:17

Empire line one here?

JackieNo · 16/11/2006 10:19

One in the sale here ?

JackieNo · 16/11/2006 10:35

How about this? Not party-ish enough? Or this is lovely, but may be too party-ish, and show off your norks too much for your liking - would be lovely in the petrol colour, or even in the aubergine (purple with red hair can look fab)

noddyholder · 16/11/2006 13:01

Some of those are lovely!Haven't been to oasis in years even though there is one near me!

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