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Come and criticise my new shoes:)

13 replies

Carmenere · 15/11/2006 21:38

Bought these today(the plum ones). I am not too sure about them, I will wear them with wide leg grey trousers and a black top. What do you think?

OP posts:
stitchthezenmaster · 15/11/2006 21:42

not sure. depends on wht your feet look like in them really..
i think they are very nice.

Sheraz · 15/11/2006 21:42

I think they are very pretty, bargain too. Will lokk very 40's styel with the wide leg trews.

poptot · 15/11/2006 21:45


Fattymumma · 15/11/2006 21:48

they are lush!

would look fab with the wide leg trousers....very 40's

Carmenere · 15/11/2006 21:54

Well they make my feet look quite petite, which is very good because my feet are a hefty size 7. And the 40's thing I quite like so that's good and yes they were only £28 which is fab. Also they are quite sturdy to walk in so that's good too. I think overall I like
Phew I won't have to return them. Dp was with me when I bought them and just moaned on about crucial ligaments and tendonitis(he's an osteopath) and how they were too high(they are not) so I was a bit unsure. This is one of the reasons that mumsnet is great, a bit like having a load of sisters to ask their opinions

OP posts:
Sheraz · 15/11/2006 22:09

Keep them you obviously like them, I am quite tempted to nip out and grab a pair myself!

LadyOfTheFlowersIs1Baby1Bump · 15/11/2006 22:12

i think they are lovely.

ComeOVeneer · 15/11/2006 22:13

Oh lovely, if only debenhams was closer I would add a pair to my collection.

"My name is ComeOVeneer and I am a shoe-aholic".

Sheraz · 15/11/2006 22:20

I think you can order from Debenhams online?

ComeOVeneer · 15/11/2006 22:27

OH can you! .... NO I mustn't. Dh keeps asking me if I am a millepede due to my shoe buying habits.

Flossam · 15/11/2006 22:28

I think they are really sweet. Will look lovely with grey trousers IMO.

fussymummy · 15/11/2006 23:23

I think they're really nice.

Tell your hubby not to fret, as he doesn't have to wear them!!!!!

hermykne · 15/11/2006 23:39

nothing wrong with them

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