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Black Tie Do - Hair

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Bumblelion · 15/11/2006 17:14

My boyfriend and I have been invited to a "black tie" do on Friday night.

Since we have been together he has been to 4 on his own (transport awards at the Royal Albert Hall) and looks stunning in his suit but this time it is a "couples" do.

Have got a cocktail dress - well choice of 2 - and have booked to have my hair "done".

I have always wanted to have my hair done for a "do" and when I spoke to my hairdresser, she asked what I wanted.

The trouble is I know what I want, but can't describe it. I know I want it "up", like some brides have theirs (pin curled?) but don't want to look too "over done". She told me to buy a "doughtnut" which I have and has now told me to get some photos as it is easier for her to look at what I want, rather than me describe it. The trouble is I can't find any photos on the Internet that are not "too over the top/bridal".

(1) Would having my hair up look too "over done"?
(2) Would it look more like my "wedding" than a "cocktail party".

Any thoughts?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 15/11/2006 17:46

Doughnut is a good plan - is an easy way to make an elegant low J-Lo-ish chignon.
The other good Googleable phrase is 'prom hair' as all US teenagers seem to put their hair up for parties at least twice a year so there's lots of variety out there.
(some good ideas also here )

TBH for a cocktail-dress type do (as opposed to a ballgown one) I think simple hairdos look the best - I either have it blowdried so it looks nice loose, do a doughnut chignon or just put it all up in a slide or clip.

Can you have a bash at doing the hairstyle on yourself and take some pics to show her?

Bumblelion · 15/11/2006 17:58

Thank you for the link, it's great. I will have a look through and see what I can find. I just want a "loose" bun which is curled around the doughnut (with no hair sparkles).

The last time I went to a "do" (2002) (my company's 50th anniversary) I wanted my hair done.

History - my dad worked for the same company but died in 2000 and I could take a guest so took my mum (as she knew all the other Directors there) - although I think she should have been invited in her own right as my dad was also a Director of the company.

Had my hair done - it was not as long as it is now - they set it in rollers, went from being below my shoulders (normally dead straight) to just below my ears and it was about 3 feet wide (bit 1980's Dallas style). Didn't have time to re-set it so sat in a really hot bathroom while doing my make-up to try and get it to "drop".

I am getting my hair done Friday lunch time (while the children are at school) and, worse comes to worse, I don't like it, I will still have time to take it out and wash it.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 15/11/2006 18:11

hmm - curls when your hair is straight (and vice versa) can be tough to pull off - some ideas here - in fact the whole of hairboutique is pretty good.

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