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Buggy board for the McClaren buggys... HELP!!!!

2 replies

mumchez · 15/11/2006 11:54

Hello does anyone know which buggy board fits a McClaren Quest pushchair!??! I don't want to fork out £30-£40 and it not fit the buggy and my stuborn 2 yr old refuses the double pram now!! So boarding is the only option...
Any ideas?!?!

OP posts:
Dozeynoo · 16/11/2006 16:17

I've got an old style lascals buggy board on our McClaren Quest pushchair. I bought it from the Kiddicare website. I've just looked at the new style ones on their web-site and they all seem to be pictured on McClaren pushchair.

It did take an absolute age to initially fit on the buggy in the first place. No trouble since though.

MrsBadger · 16/11/2006 16:22

Afraid I don't know of one myself but if you put a post in Products one of the many MN pushchair junkies - I mean experts - will be more likely to see it and help out.

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