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Right those of you going to the xmas meet in dresses....

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ComeOVeneer · 14/11/2006 17:32

Would you kindly post a picture of said dresses so I can get an idea of level of formality. (Me obsessing .... never ).

OP posts:
Tutter · 14/11/2006 17:35

i'm wearing this

Tutter · 14/11/2006 17:36

i tease

i shall be at my brother's wedding instead

i'm sure you'll look lovely cov - jeans or posh frock

ComeOVeneer · 14/11/2006 17:40

Jeans is my uniform at least 5 days a week. Usual going out is jeans with fancy top. I haven't had a night out in ages and want to dress up a bit more.

OP posts:
themaskedposter · 14/11/2006 19:05

wear a dress - go on!!!!

TheHighwayCod · 14/11/2006 19:06

this cov is why i not go

WelshBoris · 14/11/2006 19:07

feck off Cod

My dress is in River Island, under party dresses

called baby doll something is black

ComeOVeneer · 14/11/2006 19:32

Is it the pleated one Boris, with the tie-up back? If so it is lovely. I am a bit to old for that kind of stlye .

OP posts:
WelshBoris · 14/11/2006 19:34


tis lush

hunkermunker · 14/11/2006 20:08

I'm wearing a long black dress with long sleeves and lowish square neck. It's from pre-baby days and it Still Fits Me, so I'm wearing it to celebrate. I have a bra that makes me look like Jessica Rabbit to go with it...

I think it looks OK - but it might be over-formal

themaskedposter · 14/11/2006 20:10

sounds swooner-rooney to me hunker!!!

SGIME · 14/11/2006 20:47

So, you've heard about the hairy-handed truckers convention round the corner then, hunks......

hunkermunker · 14/11/2006 21:20

Just to clarify, most bras make me look like Jessica Rabbit - this one came with some bunny ears though

(not really...)

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