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What do we think about sweater dresses?

6 replies

SnafuOutOfHiding · 14/11/2006 17:10

Outfit: Long grey sweater dress with big cowl neck and long sleeves, comes down to about three inches above knee level.
Thick black tights, slouchy black knee-high suede boots.
60s-style black swing coat over the top.

Me: 5'8", 12-14, decent legs.

I think it looks okay for a night out but may be a bit mutton-y (am 33...) Good idea, bad idea?

OP posts:
kama · 14/11/2006 17:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

kama · 14/11/2006 17:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SnafuOutOfHiding · 14/11/2006 17:14

Yeah, that's my main concern It's quite thick knit but there's distinct scope for a nasty back view!

OP posts:
ComeOVeneer · 14/11/2006 17:14

As I write I am sitting in a long camel coloured sweter dress with bigcowl neck, long sleeve, comes down to about 2 inches above my knees. Thick brown tights and knee high brown suede boots. I am 33 5'6", 12-14, decent legs (so my mum recently told me). No 60's coat on atm but do own one. So a resounding yes from me. .

SnafuOutOfHiding · 14/11/2006 17:18

Ah well, that's sold me, COV - I hear it said you're a stylish thing

I shall wear my sweater dress with pride (and just back out of every room)

OP posts:
ComeOVeneer · 14/11/2006 17:24

When it comes to bums I have one word on the subject "Spanx" .

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