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What's all this about being brave to wear red?

10 replies

northerner · 14/11/2006 15:21

Wore my red winter coat to the office today. 3 people told me I am brave.


OP posts:
suzywong · 14/11/2006 15:24

Is fox hunting illegal in your county? Perhaps you are violating a by-law?

northerner · 14/11/2006 15:26

Think fox hunting still happens in Yorkshire......

Does red men you are 'easy'?

OP posts:
suzywong · 14/11/2006 15:27

I think the well worn phrase is
red coat/dress/cardi/corset, no knickers

AnguaVonUberwald · 14/11/2006 15:28

Bulls - it must be something to do with bulls!!!

(I wear lots of red! Never realised it meant I was brave!)

AnguaVonUberwald · 14/11/2006 15:28

Or a slut... Cross posts with SuzyWong there!!

expatinscotland · 14/11/2006 15:30

It's b/c British people wear a lot of black.

suzywong · 14/11/2006 15:33

That was sub-clause of The Magna Carta, expat. It's virtually The Law, doncha know

northerner · 14/11/2006 15:34

So I'm a brave slut?!

Bring it on.

OP posts:
flutterbee · 14/11/2006 15:34

I have seen oads of people wearing red coats this winter, all pretty much the same style as well, has Next had a sale on?

GoingQuietlyMad · 14/11/2006 15:36

I've got a red coat too. WHen I bought it I did think to myself "Oh well, you only live once".


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