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FREE SAMPLE Max Factor Age Renew foundation

6 replies

lucycat · 14/11/2006 10:40

I've just seen this advert on TV - it makes us all look five years younger - apparantely!

The link is here in case anyone fancies some.

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 14/11/2006 10:41

so even though I am 29 but look 50 how old will it make me look???????!!!!!!?????????

lucycat · 14/11/2006 10:42

ooh 18 nemo!

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 14/11/2006 10:47

fan bloody tastic lucy cat off to order it now by the truck load!!!!

lucycat · 14/11/2006 10:55
OP posts:
ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow · 14/11/2006 10:58

Just filled it in ty 5 years is a bit poo though i'm hoping I look the same now as I did when I was 25! [wishful thinking emoticon]

lucycat · 14/11/2006 16:19

anyone else?

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