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Long shot - Herve Chapelier bags - anywhere near you that sells them?

6 replies

Enid · 13/11/2006 12:59

I really want a new one. Cannot find anywhere online that sells them.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 13/11/2006 13:11

only Upper St, Fenwicks, Hanover Sq or Selfridges...
that's a no from me then.

seems ridiculous they ship from France but only to the US

Enid · 13/11/2006 13:13

yes it is sooooo annoying

stayed up till midnight to bid on one then got sniped in the last 7 seconds

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 13/11/2006 13:17

think a trip to Paris might be in order (or there's a shop in Lille which is closer), or if you have reasonable French could you ring up the shop there, pay by card over the phone and have it sent out?

Earlybird · 13/11/2006 13:17

Can you call Fenwick's or Selfridges, give them your credit card details and have it shipped? They must provide that service - but obviously you'd have to know exactly which one you want.

cupcakes · 13/11/2006 13:27

Harrods used to sell them.

wheelsanddollbaby · 13/11/2006 18:56

Liberty's in London have them. If you are up North have you tried Harvey Nics in Leeds?

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