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Can anyone help me find a new winter coat?

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Clary · 12/11/2006 23:00

First off, I am a bit picky (as you'll know if you know me).

I know I'm a bit late to the party, mid November and all, but I need a new coat. The one I'm wearing is one I had when pg with DS2 who's now 3.5 so it's a) old and b) too big. Also it's black. Now I know black is back in but I have decided it doesn't suit me and eliminated it from my wardrobe.

So: I need something fairly generally useful - to wear to work, park, school run. But don't be deceived by "work"; it need not be very smart.

I walk/bus/cycle to work so the coat needs to be not too long (tho knee length is fine). Princess style looks nice on me. Don't mind something checked but wd prefer brown to be main colour...
Any ideas?

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 12/11/2006 23:09

No advice but I am eavesdropping as I need to buy a new coat

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 23:10

budget? what are you like / what is your style??

BIGlilBUBU · 12/11/2006 23:12

Do you need a hood?

MrsBadger · 13/11/2006 10:15

well done on ditching black!

plain brown princess-line
brown and blue checked
less subtle tartan
funnel neck (beware 'sack of potatoes' belt)
tweed (ditch fur collar immediately)
duffle jacket

I keep thinking how good a brown tweed coat would be but I can't find a decent one.

this sounds like a case for tweed.

TheHighwayCod · 13/11/2006 10:18

principles one for me
am wathing it to wait for it to be reduced

there a nice on in white stuff too

Earlybird · 13/11/2006 10:20

cod - got a link, or is it the one MrsBadger posted?

TheHighwayCod · 13/11/2006 10:20

yes the badge one
kew have some too

TheHighwayCod · 13/11/2006 10:21


ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow · 13/11/2006 10:24

I like this

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow · 13/11/2006 10:28

I know it's not what your after but I want this!

BIGlilBUBU · 13/11/2006 11:35

ooo I love that one ledodgyfireworks the white one. I might have to put that on my christmas list.

Clary · 13/11/2006 12:58

Wow thanks girls.
Forgot to put in budget, I don?t really want to spend more than £100.
I like MrsB?s Principles one but it?s a bit dear, isn?t it. That Betty Jackson one is flying out of the shops my Debenhams contact tells me, but I?m not sure about the belted look on me...
Not keen on double breasted but am strangely drawn to Debenhams duffle coat one. Nice and practical. A bit plain tho?
Must go and try on that and Principles one and maybe see if I can find that M&S one too (the tartanny one).
Ledodgy I love that white one but it?s not the most errm practical colour is it? (as my MIL would observe).

OP posts:
beansontoast · 13/11/2006 14:03

i bought a lovely coat a couple of months ago ...but if i had to buy another.... i rather like the tartan one they are selling at the mo here

Rafaella · 13/11/2006 21:44

H&M have a great selection of wool-mix coats, mostly £50 or less, in different colours - single or double breasted, quality seems fine. I have a moss green one, just above knee length, perfect for riding my bike. They have lots of choice in black, blue, red, green but not sure if they had brown.

Clary · 14/11/2006 09:06

Rafaella that sounds interesting. H&M not here sadly, but maybe a trip to Nottingham is called for?

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