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Will it work?

30 replies

Wuxiapian · 12/11/2006 22:33

Hi, guys.A few questions really. Hoping you style people can help.

  1. If I'm wearing a black outfit (top & trousers) with a dark green jacket, would it be wrong to wear my dark green mary jane style wedges with it?

2. Will my black, almost knee length knitted sweater dress work with full length black trousers or would I be drowning in material?
3. What do you think of mixing black and brown together in one outfit?
4. What do you think of mixing different hues of a colour? E.g, light brown knee high boots, dark brown skirt, beige top?
5. Should black shoes always go with black trousers?
I do indeed need some help! Thanks in anticipation.
OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 22:38

blimey. that's a lot of ?'s.....
imho: but no matching handbag / jewellry
2. wont work. try v opaque (footless optional) tights / leggings
3. no
4. ok in theory. dont end up shading from light to dark head to toe or vice versa
5. no. sometimes bright / wild shoes are just what you need.

twinsetandpearls · 12/11/2006 22:41
  1. shoes sounf fine and would tie in the jacket

2. I do a lot of dressed over trousers but wouldn't do a sweater dress.
3. Never ever mix black and brown.
4. I like mixing different shades of a colour.
5. As long as you don't do brown shoes and black trousers colour is often fab.
brimfull · 12/11/2006 22:44

agree with the answers given except I think black and brown are fine together.

cheeryface · 12/11/2006 22:46

the black and brown thing, let me get this right, it would be wrong then to wear a black top, jeans and brown boots????

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 22:46

well I wouldnt

Wuxiapian · 12/11/2006 22:49

Thanks, Controlfreak.

  1. Would brown or blue accessories be ok instead?

2. That's a shame as I have pretty chunky legs and won't even entertain the idea of footless tights/leggings. I also feel that at 29, it'd look a tad sad. What could I wear with the damned thing?
3. So a black knee length skirt with dark brown boots is a no-no? Tut.
4. Ok, I getcha. I think (!)
5. So, in order to wear the coloured footwear with black trousers, does my top half have to be colourful, too?
I am indeed a pain! Thanks again in advance.
OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 22:53

1.brown. (or red would be nice)
2. well opaque balck footed ones then
3. oh alright then, if they're dark brown. careful what you wear on top.
4. good.
5. nope.

twinsetandpearls · 12/11/2006 22:54

black with brown boots IMO is a huge no no. I have worn black trousers with a brown jumper but have felt crap all day!

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 22:56

as i said... i wouldnt... but wuxiapian did seem v keen to try it...

lou33 · 12/11/2006 22:56

why is brown and black wrong?

who decided this?

twinsetandpearls · 12/11/2006 23:00

Well I decided it for me, I lok a complete tit in brown and black, and I reserve the right not to lok a tit whenever possible.

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 23:00

op asked. i gave my opinion. you dont have to agree!

lou33 · 12/11/2006 23:02

yes, i knowm but i hear this a lot all over and i just dont know why?

lou33 · 12/11/2006 23:02

lol @ reserve the right

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 23:03

errr because it looks crap and WRONG

lou33 · 12/11/2006 23:04

see then i am missing something cos i dont think that, i really dont understand why not

controlfreaky2 · 12/11/2006 23:06

well one way of thinking about it would be to look at colour wheel. brown and black are not complimentary colours... (if pseudo scientific explanation will make you happier

lou33 · 12/11/2006 23:37

lol no!

Wuxiapian · 12/11/2006 23:55

Lol, you guys.

Well, I wasn't expecting such a mixed reaction over the brown/black thing.
Thanks for the opinions. Think I'll give the green shoes a try tomorrow and perhaps save the aformentioned brown/black conconction for another day.

Oh yeh, I almost forgot, do you think dark or flesh coloured tights with the green shoe/black trouser combination?

No fighting, girlies.

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 13/11/2006 20:48

black opaque knee highs. (m and s)

Wuxiapian · 14/11/2006 20:59

So, with my black trews, dark green shoes and jacket, possibly beige or brown jumper, do you reckon a red bag would be too much?

I bought a gorgeous red bag but still unsure. Could I use the bag with any colout outfit or am I restricted?

Many thanks for any replies.

OP posts:
lou33 · 14/11/2006 23:25

black green brown and red sounds like too many colours to me


controlfreaky2 · 15/11/2006 19:04


Wuxiapian · 16/11/2006 08:12

Yeah, I ditched the brown jumper in the end and settled for a plain black one. Think the red bag worked better, or at least I hope it did.

Why's it so hard trying to mix and match colours dammit? How'd you do it without looking like a twit?

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 16/11/2006 13:49

practice / experimentation and a cold, critical eye.....

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