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6 days to sort out my outfit for brother's wedding

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Tutter · 12/11/2006 11:53

well, 5 actually, as we leave on friday

so, i have a jacket and wide legged black crepe trousers, but could do with a top

it has to be small and neat enough not to interfere with the wide neck of the jacket

evening-y style, as i'll keep the jacket on for the service and meal

i suppose black would be fine, but i'm not a fan of black tops - not great with my colouring. would prefer something that tones with the jacket - so gold/caramel/bronze

any ideas? i am small of nork, wide of back, and gently wobbly of tummy. pretty good arms and shoulders

OP posts:
MamaG · 12/11/2006 15:43

how about this?

or this

or this

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:16

That first one's gorgeous MamaG.

Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:20

thanks mamag but i'm deffo not a bustier kind of a girl

others i quite like but they won't work with the jacket

need something that can't be seen when the jacket's on, othersie will spoil the look i think

OP posts:
JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:21

Monsoon have this and this , or also this , not sure if you want strapless, but it will certainly avoid being able to see it under the (gorgeous) jacket.

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:21

OK - x posted. Avoid the bustiers. Camisole types OK?

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:23

Not sure if this would be wide enough not to show?

Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:23

ooh jackieno, i really like the camisole - colour would work fine with the outfit i think

OP posts:
Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:24

bugger, only size 20 available

OP posts:
figgypud · 12/11/2006 16:24

Check out here
They do some great items for occasions?

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:25

Sorry - forgot to check sizes. What size do you need? How about this one ?

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:26

This is lovely too.

Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:27

12, jn

not keen on the principles one

my taste is minimal - not a fan of fuss

figgypud - coast is a weirdy sitre - can't link to an item, where's the one you were looking at?

OP posts:
Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:29

the principles origami one i quite like - had seen it myself. not sure it would be great on me, as the wwrap style often accentuates wide middles

plus v-neck not great for the norkless

but might be ok with chicken fillets

OP posts:
figgypud · 12/11/2006 16:30

Not sure if it will go actually
Was looking at helena shirt code is 2233626403

Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:31

what about this one?

OP posts:
JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:31

Hmm - there's another possibility here , but may be too flowery for your taste?

figgypud · 12/11/2006 16:32

tutter i like that principles one!!

JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:42

Some more ideas here (but might be too long?) or the same one in cream , or does this have too much pattern (and what does 'split back' mean?)?

Tutter · 12/11/2006 16:46

i have ordered the two principles ones (green/gold cami and gold 'origami' one) - will let you know how i get on....

thanks all x

OP posts:
JackieNo · 12/11/2006 16:49

Too frilly?
Would this work?
This is nice , but I suspect too pale.

Tutter · 15/11/2006 07:17


tops arrived and i like this one

so, am wearing it under this jacket

only problem is that the top is longer than the jacket

so i have a dilemma - do i wear just the jacket in the daytime, then change later? think it looks neater without the top underneath, and it's quite a loose fit so shouldn't be uncomfortable to wear buttoned up. but, if i get hot and bothered chasing after ds maybe it'll stress me out

what do you think - not good to see a couple of inches of hem sticking out from under jacket?

OP posts:
irishbird · 15/11/2006 08:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackieNo · 15/11/2006 08:09

Good solution from irishbird - if you reckon you can't get away without tucking the cami in, just wear a plain black one till the evening. Glad everything's coming together.

Tutter · 15/11/2006 16:21

cami would look baaaaad if had been tucked in

plus - extra volume around my girth is definitely not required

i have a plain black m&s vest so shall go with that for the day, then get changed later

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