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I appear to be the only Mum at school without a padded gilet . . .

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ellenrosethenotsosecretpirate · 09/11/2006 17:01

am I missing out?

OP posts:
mountaingirl · 13/11/2006 08:52

I've got a black, slim fitting one. I love it, it is much better than a coat, keeps my body warm and arms free. I can't stand the furry or the sheepskin ones. As nice as they look I cannot understand the ones with the hoods/fur etc because surely you'd need a jacket on if it was so cold that you needed to put up the hood. Ds2 and dd both have one, ds1 is too cool now to wear his.
I love horses and spent Saturday pm with Dd helping her get her horse ready for her lesson, reminds me of happy times as a child. Also have a 4x4!! Don't have hunter wellies though.

Gemmasmummy · 13/11/2006 11:02

Personally I think the padded gilet is a crime against women, it makes everyone look fat and doesn't keep your arms warm. Just what is the point?

Gemmasmummy · 13/11/2006 11:02

Personally I think the padded gilet is a crime against women, it makes everyone look fat and doesn't keep your arms warm. Just what is the point?

Gemmasmummy · 13/11/2006 11:02

Personally I think the padded gilet is a crime against women, it makes everyone look fat and doesn't keep your arms warm. Just what is the point?

expatinscotland · 13/11/2006 11:03

My daughter loves horses and other livestock.

Dogs, too.

I fear for her future.

TheHighwayCod · 13/11/2006 11:04

i think if oyu haev a dwon one it warms you so much your arms dont feel cold

harktheheraldfoxessing · 13/11/2006 11:09

Tutter - I've got one too I think I live near you too LOL - will have to look out for you

I think 4x4s should be banned from all cities in the UK, unless you have an "I genuinely live in the countryside and need one" license or something!

expatinscotland · 13/11/2006 11:10

Those down ones make eveyone look like a marshmallow.

Right up there w/Uggs for fugly.

harktheheraldfoxessing · 13/11/2006 11:13

I quite like those Uggs things, but only on nice slim legs (which I haven't got)

lucykate · 13/11/2006 11:22

, have to admit to having, not a padded gilet, but a furry/fleece one from boden from last winters sale. its pink though, so not very 'horsey' looking.

Tortington · 13/11/2006 11:27

pmsl - i would rather eat my own arse - it like admitting your old - padded gillet.

buy me some tena lady whilst your at it

WelshBoris · 13/11/2006 11:29

My boyfriends sister wears one.

She thinks shes cool though

MrsDoolittle · 13/11/2006 11:32

Definitely need slim legs for Ugg boots.

I confess to having a few Joules shirts, they fit me well and cover up a few bumps in the wrong places. However, I wouldn't buy Joules anymore - far too much of it around now. This heralds the beginning of the end, methinks.....

cupcakes · 13/11/2006 11:48

I have a red down filled puffa gilet. It is warm and toasty and gorgeous.
And I wear it with black sheepkin ugg-style boots.

MrsDoolittle · 13/11/2006 11:52

I know that one cupcakes and it's gorgeous

cupcakes · 13/11/2006 11:54

and I would like some Hunter wellies (in navy) as am very embarrassed by pink spotty Boden ones.
And tomorrow dh is going to look at an ancient Discovery which is for sale.
And we have a black labrador.
I bet you're getting a certain image of me now but it just isn't so!

misstimms · 13/11/2006 13:46

wow I have never worn anything that has been the centre of discussion or apparently quite so (un)popular! I have a northface one and I LOVE IT! have had it for at least 4years, but now am really sad that people are going to be jumping to horrible conclusions about me does it matter what coat I wear?

ellenrosethenotsosecretpirate · 13/11/2006 16:18

Apparently misstimms - yes

OP posts:
fubsy · 13/11/2006 19:33

Wow - are there still people who wear their collars turned up? Round here there are people who really have downed tools in the barn to pick their kids up, and I cant say I have noticed gilets. Will be looking carefully tomorrow tho.

Mind you re the turned up collar thing - after driving around with a 27 year old student in my car the last few weeks, Ive become painfully aware that I still push my sleeves up 80s style

pollypeachum · 13/11/2006 19:55

i have a navy Puffa, great big puffy thing filled with down. love it. its warm and cosy and because its so big it makes my legs look thin (they aren't).
and it has a practical and kidney warming longer back than front.
mind you, at the back of my mind is the suspicion that the practical and kidney warming tail looks a bit like a tortoise's. but what the heck, still love it. comfort clothing like comfort food.)

earlysbird · 13/11/2006 20:59

tutter, me too, never wear it, why did I buy it... will put it on ebay I think

misstimms I think north face has to be the accepteble face (haha) of gilet wearing

mummyhill · 14/11/2006 11:41

I love my gilets I have a navy one, a grey one and one that is part of the uniform for work they are comfy and warm, I haven't noticed my arms getting cold when wearing them. Mind you I am not that bothered about fashion either so maybe you should ignore me!

Tillypup · 14/11/2006 12:51

I have several and wear them all the time, they are very practical and I think they suit me (though lots and lots would disagree by the sounds of it!) If I wear a polo shirt or a rugby shirt the collar is always turned up (though it even was when I was playing rugby!) I also have Hunter wellies, and the majority of the time can be seen sporting a very fetching dog whistle as a necklace! My look is very "sports-casual" much as I hate that phrase, boots, jeans t-shirt/polo-shirt. in spring/autumn a long sleeve T and a gilet with my jeans is just right for an action girl like me

feel free to shoot me now!

rocketupbum · 14/11/2006 20:43

I had a pal who worked in Val D'Isere where the entire population of sloanes wore puffed gilets. She called them "daddy daddy buy me a pony" jackets. Made me laugh every time.

Tillypup · 14/11/2006 22:06

I bought my own pony!

Wore my padded gilet with pride tonight!

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