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Which colour combinations should NEVER be seen together?

50 replies

Tinker · 09/11/2006 12:43

Think navy and brown.

Someone mentioned black boots and jeans on another thread - not 100% sure about that one.

Also not sure about Trinny and Tranny's no colour with black. So, what do you wear - just white/cream/beige?

OP posts:
Pollybloodyanna · 09/11/2006 12:46

Not white and beige together. Not Navy and black.

doggiesayswoof · 09/11/2006 12:46

Navy and black. At least that's what my mum says.

doormat · 09/11/2006 12:47

not green with anything


yeahinaminute · 09/11/2006 12:47

Lime Green and Scarlet with a dash of bubble gum pink ... definite no no that !!

Tinker · 09/11/2006 12:48

Is there any point in buying navy???

OP posts:
Quootiepie · 09/11/2006 12:49

red and blue
navy and anything ( I HATE navy) (except with white/cream)
errr... any colours I wear, they have to be wrong.

southeastastra · 09/11/2006 12:50

some odd colour combinations look really good, i think stuff rules wear what you like

Tutter · 09/11/2006 12:51

navy and black from me too

used to see lots of navy suits + black shoes in the office

Tinker · 09/11/2006 12:52

Red and blue - depends on shades. Jeans are blue. Mind you, never buy blue clothes, not had to think about that one...

OP posts:
FIMBO · 09/11/2006 12:53

red & green
Also hate black tights with white shoes

doormat · 09/11/2006 12:54

yeh it looks like a liquirice allsort fimbo

Tinker · 09/11/2006 12:55

Oh, disagree about red and green. I'll just say "holly".

OP posts:
bundle · 09/11/2006 13:03

not navy. ever. with anything. or on its own. yuk

Tinker · 09/11/2006 13:04
OP posts:
bundle · 09/11/2006 13:07

green goes with virtually everything, there are flowers of almost all colours after all

Wintersun · 09/11/2006 13:50

Mid toned blues look rubbish with blue denim jeans.
Agree that navy/black and brown/black don't go.

What's this about black boots and jeans?
I think black boots look fine with darker jeans.

saadia · 09/11/2006 14:02

Didn't realise navy was so unpopular. I think the worst combo is pale blue with red.

anniemac · 09/11/2006 14:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

anniemac · 09/11/2006 14:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

themoon66 · 09/11/2006 14:05

I think black boots look OK with very dark jeans in a semi-smart-casual situation. Other than that, I wear blue trainers.

White and cream are a no-no.

Why are so many 'work' outfits navy blue, when you hardly ever see decent navy blue shoes to wear with them?

marymillington · 09/11/2006 14:08

I think it depends on the navy - french navy can look fab with black (if clothes themselves are of a youngish/non fogey sort). And it can look wonderful with greens and greys. Brown and black can also look fantastic together in wintry outfits if the brown is not too dark.

I reckon the absolute no-nos are black shoes/boots with anything other than a black outfit, black with denim, and any combo of red and white (blood and bandages).

foxtrot · 09/11/2006 14:09

Do you count dark blue denim as navy? Hope not!

bigdipper · 09/11/2006 14:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

marymillington · 09/11/2006 14:11

lol at wee and poo

iota · 09/11/2006 14:13

the only combo that I find really offensive is pink and orange - strangly popular on small girls clothes for some reason

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