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Ok don't laugh but I have become fixated on these shoes and I don't know if I will be able to buy them!

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Carmenere · 08/11/2006 21:00

these I had a similar pair about 12 years ago and I loved them and I would love them now and I have looked everywhere. Any ideas?

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BudaBeast · 08/11/2006 21:02

I like! no ideas though I am afraid.

ja9 · 08/11/2006 21:02

they are gorgeous.

but i've not seen anything like them in the shops for a few yrs...

Tutter · 08/11/2006 21:09

nothing like as nice but the best i could find

mullingitover · 08/11/2006 21:14

I've got some that are sort of similar - not quite the same but here they are:

ted baker

mullingitover · 08/11/2006 21:16

Oh no, link doesnt work - search under 'Ted Baker - f' - the shoes are called 'Bingo'

They are really comfy and look lovely on with jeans!

Carmenere · 08/11/2006 21:17

Nah, I am totally fixated on these ones. I've been searching on tinternet for days now and I can only find that link but I take a uk 7.5 so they are too small. Tbh I don't think I will find them hich is such a pity as they would just work perfectly now iyswim.
Thanks anyway Tutter

OP posts:
Carmenere · 08/11/2006 21:19

Actually those Ted Baker ones are nice too but ....... I know I am being unrealistic

OP posts:
Carmenere · 09/11/2006 11:28


OP posts:
Carmenere · 09/11/2006 20:32

Bump, I want them so badly

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