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yeay - snagged 2 roland mouret for gap dresses!

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tonton · 07/11/2006 13:06

There wasa very polite scrum in Gap today - but managed to get 2 v nice dresses, one red v neck and one navy shirt dress. Very pleased!

OP posts:
crunchie · 07/11/2006 21:28

well done, I wasn't really keen on teh styles for me, but I am sure they look fab

maggiesmama · 07/11/2006 21:28

they'll be worth bucks on ebay soon enough

PrincessPeaHead · 08/11/2006 11:48

I got a nice dark grey one. could have bought masses in cheltenham gap, should have thought about ebay!

MaloryTowersBigHeadBigNorks · 08/11/2006 16:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sassy · 08/11/2006 16:27

I keep reading this as 'I shagged roland mouret for 2 gap dresses'!

(Well done, BTW, the dresses are great)

PrincessPeaHead · 08/11/2006 17:08

no shagging involved.

this was in CHELTENHAM, remember, NOT a place where one indulges in reckless shagging. cup of tea and a cake is PERFECTLY adequate occupation for an afternoon, thank you very much

TheDullWitch · 08/11/2006 17:20

I tried them on. Emperor's new diffusion range, if you ask me. Itchy, unforgiving wool jersey in sack shapes.

hoxtonchick · 08/11/2006 17:25

i really wanted to like them, but failed. there were loads in oxford st today.

TheDullWitch · 08/11/2006 17:36

That one in burnt orange is so distinctive you ll feel a right fool if you find someone else wearing it, which seems inevitable. It s like all that Stella for Hennes stuff. It wasn t actually that nice.

katierocket · 08/11/2006 17:38

I think (as is so often the case) you need to be pin slim for them to look good.

paddingtonbear1 · 08/11/2006 22:49

well they didn't even have them in Reading, which is where I've been for the last 2 days - unless they all sold out within 1 day that is!!

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