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Boden Clearance sale - for all those coming to the xmas meet up with nothing to do during the day...

6 replies

CountessDracula · 06/11/2006 10:51

At Olympia on 18/19 November

10 - 6 Sat
10 - 4 Sun

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 06/11/2006 10:52

iv my eye on a few things ( VERY unusually) adn keep chekcing they will b in the sale

TheHighwayCod · 06/11/2006 10:55

and no the bataaaaaards have sold out
w antes navy tank top

also have eye on codl day coat

CountessDracula · 06/11/2006 10:57

Well go to the clearance sale then

itsays on the flyer

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 06/11/2006 10:58

well get me a navy tank top then

CountessDracula · 06/11/2006 10:58

I'm not going I hate Boden clothes!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 06/11/2006 10:59

(I don't mind for dd but I can get those online)

Imagine the scrum all those yummy mummies in their identikit Boden

OP posts:
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