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If you're bored...

3 replies

Gobbledispook · 05/11/2006 16:30

...are pull on, kitten heel, pointed toe boots going to look ok with black cropped trousers. these are they

If so, what top could I wear with it - for going out in?

OP posts:
tortoisestrappedtoarocket · 05/11/2006 16:34

I'm totally bored but have no style so i'm afraid i can't really help!

MrsBadger · 06/11/2006 08:29

yes they're fine

almost any top you like - sparkly cardi type, something wrappy (if norked), something sleeveless (if not), bustier type if v glam.

suzywong · 06/11/2006 08:32

those are not black cropped trousers but sassy cullottes,

nice though

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