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green wrap drss - what do you think?

23 replies

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 13:30

Need a nice dress, multi-functional to wear for my mum's 70th birthday party (smart casual) and then for the odd night out and then, for everyday where. Have tried on this and love it, looks great with heeled boots and over jeans. But, just want a second opinion. (it's more green-hued than appears in the picture and I love green.)

here it is

OP posts:
JonesTheSteam · 04/11/2006 13:31

I like that!!!

scatterbrain · 04/11/2006 13:59

Lovely - have just been looking at that in the shop and really like it !!

Do you think it would suit a size 16-18, 5'7" with wobbly tummage ?

TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 14:00

the BIG rule abotu wrap dresses si that they EMHASISE fat somtachs

scatterbrain · 04/11/2006 14:02

Oh poo - what sort of dress can I have over jeans then ?? Desperate to try that layered look - but no idea !!

TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 14:02

if you have a tummy control on its ok imo
otherwise it clings

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:03

sadly scatterbrain, they only had it in the petite range and at 5ft 7'', not sure you qualify...

OP posts:
fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:04

don't all shout at me, but I am very skinny with no tum so it did look nice I felt...
I just worry I may have missed the boat a little with the wrap dress thingy (haven't seen one yet in 'my' colours which is why I'm excited about this one.)

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 04/11/2006 14:07

well i have a bit of a tummy and i reckon that as long as it's a proper wrap and there is plenty of fabric (sometimes worth looking at the size above so long as the shoulders and sleeves remain fine) then you can wear them. with tummy control if necessary. a good way to break up the tummy area is to take the belt across the tummy like a sash, rather than keeping it behind you. and pattern is good, too. actually i would never wear a wrap with the belt behind, now that i think of it, cos it does look a bit tummy-tastic.
lovely dress, as long as they've not been mean with cutting the fabric then get it. (but deffo not with jeans of you've got a tummy as you might look like you're wearing a nappy inder there).

scatterbrain · 04/11/2006 14:12

Oh they had it in the regular range in the shop - didn't notice your link was to a petite one !

TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 14:13

white stuff ahve wraps in

Bibliophile · 04/11/2006 14:13

I've also got this! Am wearing it right now and really love it. Am 5'9ish and 14 -16 and it is extremely flattering, esp on wobbly tummy which I certainly have, because it sort of ruches. It also looks fab over jeans (which is what I am also wearing today). It is not petite either. It is really, really easy to wear as there are no ties and the wrap is fixed. Just pulls over your head. Buy it!

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:14

scatterbrain, it's not a 'proper' wrap. so feels quite 'secure' (i hate that feeling that it might flap open at a bad time LOL.
Go for it (as long as you don't turn up to my mum's party looking better than me }

OP posts:
Bibliophile · 04/11/2006 14:14

And it comes up a bit big. I find the 14 quite roomy. Don't go up a size. It is also stretchy.

HotterOtter · 04/11/2006 14:14

i got a lovely one in great plains

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:15

Bibliophile - you have good taste IMO

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 04/11/2006 14:15

Right - thanks - I'm going back to town now !
One final question - what stylee of jeans is best ? I have boot cut and skinny leg !

Bibliophile · 04/11/2006 14:15
TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 14:16

chekc it doesnt stick tot he keans
i dotn rate it as a look meslef

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:17

well, I only have flarey ones and they look nice but in the shop, the dummy was wearing it over skinny ones.

OP posts:
fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:18

Cod, you are a classy bird and dresses over jeans is too boho for you...I see you as more a Kirsty Allsop than TriinyandSusannah?

OP posts:
TheDaVinciCod · 04/11/2006 14:19

no my hips are so wide id look liek a shiip in full sail

fullmoonfiend · 04/11/2006 14:20

ah well, you know what they say about wide hips...

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 06/11/2006 11:21

Pooo !!! Went back to Principles in my bootcut jeans - tried dress on and it looked terrible !! Just cann't get my head around this look at all - clearly not boho enough in my head !

Just looked like I was trying a dress on and had forgotten to remove trousers ! Bum !!

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