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Does this sound ok ??

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nutcracker · 04/11/2006 08:56

Off to bonfire party tonight, does this sound ok to wear ?

Shortish denim skirt, black tights, black slouchy boots and black fittedish jacket with nice scarf and gloves ?? Or am I way off ??

OP posts:
FrannyonFire · 04/11/2006 08:57

Well I would shag you. Does that help?

nutcracker · 04/11/2006 08:59

ROFL, thanks Franny

OP posts:
FrannyonFire · 04/11/2006 09:02

Glad to be of service.

WelshBorisSaysFawkeOff · 04/11/2006 09:03

She would aswell

She's a lezzer

FrannyonFire · 04/11/2006 09:06

No I am just rampant, actually

WelshBorisSaysFawkeOff · 04/11/2006 09:07


Rampant enough to kiss a lady?

nutcracker · 04/11/2006 09:07

God you lot are nuts.

I am supposed to be getting ready not sitting here discussing Franny's sexual orientation (is that the right word ?).

OP posts:
CatsdontlikefireworksBert · 04/11/2006 09:08

Legs might be cold - but you will look kewl

Go and buy a groovy hat to finish the look...

Am rather partial to bakerboys myself...

WelshBorisSaysFawkeOff · 04/11/2006 09:09


No I think Franny is from Essex

nutcracker · 04/11/2006 09:10

Hmm i don't think hats suit me, but i might try one on and see.

Right I am off to get dressed and hit the shops.

OP posts:
WelshBorisSaysFawkeOff · 04/11/2006 09:11

Laugh at my orientation joke before you go

FrannyonFire · 04/11/2006 09:11

I just am, Boris

no special reason

I would kiss a lady if the moment was right, you know, if we cared deeply for one another, and we had discussed contraception in a responsible fashion, and I thought she would still respect me in the morning

WelshBorisSaysFawkeOff · 04/11/2006 09:12

Thats me out then, I dont respect you in the evening never mind the morning

Try Greeny, she adores you

nutcracker · 04/11/2006 15:18

Sorry WB

ROFL that was hilarious (that ok ?)

Anyway, I am back but a bit peed off. Got skirt no problem so then set out to find the boots, knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't afford to spend alot. Went to BHS who have the exact boots and in the kids section so only £20, only to find that someone has nicked one of the only pair of 4's they have

Tried Dotty P's even though theirs were creeping above my limit and they have no 4's at all

Have ended up buying some boots that are fine but just not what I really wanted. They are black, flattish with chunkyish heel and have black/grey fur bit round the top. Just not really loving them but needed them for today so there we go.

Oh and I HATE shopping with kids.

OP posts:
FrannyonFire · 04/11/2006 18:10

Boris I think you missed something

I said a lady

Nutty I hope you had / have a good time

Blondilocks · 04/11/2006 18:13

I'm going to fireworks in a bit - will be looking like the michelin man as it's freeeezing!

nutcracker · 04/11/2006 18:27

Ok have ended up wearing dark jeans, green vest top, black fitted jumper over top, black fitted jacket and green scarf.

Scrub up ok, even if I do say so myself LOL. Shame there will be no one there to pull

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