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Is anyone willing to help me out with a possible shopping disaster if needs be

12 replies

mosschops30 · 18/10/2006 21:12


i posted about this coat here way back in August. Didnt buy it, shouldve I know but now need to go to town and see if they have any left, none on the website so I dont hold out much hope.

Just wondered if anyone would offer to look in their local Warehouse and if theyve got one get it for me and I will post cheque straight to you.

Thanks loads, will let you know tomorrow if I got one (we have 3 warehouse's here)

OP posts:
mosschops30 · 18/10/2006 21:41

bump anyone. I am an honest person (really) the strawberry will vouch for me

OP posts:
MadameMorticiaMills · 18/10/2006 21:44

Now I can't help as I live in Sweden, but let this serve as a warning to all you posters who dither over buying something you really, really like.

Don't dither, just buy it.

mosschops30 · 18/10/2006 21:45

Thank you MMM. yes dont delay just bloody buy it now, because if i dont get this coat I am going to be one unhappy (cold) mnetter

OP posts:
MadameMorticiaMills · 18/10/2006 21:46

With your permission, I will quote your story in years to come.

As a warning to ditherers.

fuzzywuzzy · 18/10/2006 21:46

The link on the other thread doesn't work for me. What did the coat look like,/colour/price etc??

mosschops30 · 18/10/2006 21:51

Yes MMM, it could become the mosschops law of shopping

stating 'just buy it, because if you really cant afford it or change your mind you can always get a refund, however you cannot buy a coat that has now sold out'

fuzzy it was a black moleskin, military style jacket, £60

OP posts:
fuzzywuzzy · 18/10/2006 21:55

I'll have a look in oxford street next week (am off this week), will let you know if it's available there.
BTw does this mean it's made of real moles???

Sophiev73 · 18/10/2006 21:57

God, my Mum is always saying 'get it or regret it'. She's right, dammit!! Hope you can get it.

mosschops30 · 18/10/2006 22:00

fuzzy - no i dont think so.

Thank you sooooo much, I will have a look tomorrow and will post if I get one!

OP posts:
fuzzywuzzy · 18/10/2006 22:09

MS what size are you after ???

You know the materials shop where I work was selling moleskin diaries, I wondered if they were made of real mole skin too.....just curious really, and suffering from lack of sleep.

mosschops30 · 19/10/2006 19:16

hi fuzzy, well i got my coat yipppeeee almost kissed the poor salesgirl when I got to Warehouse no.3 (final chance) and she whipped one out of the stock room.

Thanks anyway, much appreciated

OP posts:
MadameMorticiaMills · 20/10/2006 09:00

Excellent - now let that be a lesson to you.

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