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Where did Kate Thornton get that dress

52 replies

trix1 · 17/10/2006 09:29

that she was wearing on saturday nights x factor? it was a black boob tube with a sort of bow on the front with a ruffled effet accross the chest.

OP posts:
lipsbite · 17/10/2006 09:31

i saw it too and i thought that is a gorgeous dress

purplemonkeydishwasher · 17/10/2006 09:31

don't know where she got it but it sure was nice!
she usually wears horrible clothes too!

marymillington · 17/10/2006 09:32

god knows but she looked like a black pudding in it.

anniemac · 17/10/2006 09:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cod · 17/10/2006 09:36

Message withdrawn

TheAngelWearsPrada · 17/10/2006 09:36

am i the only person that saw her nipple!!

Spagblog · 17/10/2006 09:37

DH was adamant you could see her left nipple. He kept harping on about it and pretending to be excited by it.
I kept telling him that it was black net over beige scaffolding but he was sure he could see nipple!

TheAngelWearsPrada · 17/10/2006 09:38

hes right!!! i saw it!!

purplemonkeydishwasher · 17/10/2006 09:40

totally nippletastic

BlackCatBert · 17/10/2006 09:40

this one?

Spagblog · 17/10/2006 09:40

nah, surely it was far too low down. Must have been crease in undergarment

marymillington · 17/10/2006 09:41

it might have been ok if it hadn't been too small for her, but tight strapless black made her look really blobby.

anniemac · 17/10/2006 10:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FIMBOnABroomstick · 17/10/2006 11:31

I thought she looked a mess as per usual. I think she looks as hard as nails.

nutcracker · 17/10/2006 11:32

I always thinks she looks really lovely.

bloodyhowler · 17/10/2006 11:32

I think she looks terrible in everything too She must have access to a decent stylist or 2 How does she get it sooo wrong

nutcracker · 17/10/2006 11:34

God knows what that says about me then LOL.

Gobbledispook · 17/10/2006 11:36

To me, she just doesn't look right in a dress at all. Davina McCall is the same imo.

LadyTophamHatt · 17/10/2006 11:39

She also needs a better make up artist.....someone who can apply make up so it looks like she actually has eyes.

Kate "no-eyes" Thornton as Cod named her last time Xfactor was on.

anniemac · 17/10/2006 11:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TheDaVinciCod · 17/10/2006 13:41

aha yes what a witty one that was lth

TheBlairAitchProject · 17/10/2006 13:45

i once complained to her boss that with her crumpled forehead and piggy eyes she looked like the vampires out of buffy the vampire slayer and lo and behold the following week i could have sworn she'd had botox. she's rubbish, i reckon. i was trying to get her sacked at the time but to no avail.
also was horrified at the dress, i thought she looked like she'd been extruded into it.

TheDaVinciCod · 17/10/2006 13:46

wot do you do then bossy boots?

nailpolish · 17/10/2006 13:48

she had bad posture like Davina

nailpolish · 17/10/2006 13:49


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