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Boden have new winter stock on website

19 replies

cupcakes · 06/10/2006 10:54

I like the velvet military jacket

OP posts:
Enid · 06/10/2006 10:59

'Brave'?? Its not called Loopy for nothing

ledodgywizardrobespierre · 06/10/2006 11:00

Bloody hell my 10 month old ds would have fun with that cardigan if I bought it, he's bad enough with my hair!

Piffle · 06/10/2006 11:01

bastards have just plonked a huge order for dd in earlier this week...

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 06/10/2006 11:02

Eeuuww - not keen on that (look in the 'zoom' option)

SoMuchToBats · 06/10/2006 11:04

Quite like the skirt it's with, though Jackie.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 06/10/2006 11:05

The wrap skirt - yes it does look good.

SoMuchToBats · 06/10/2006 11:07

I want one in dark green. But I haven't got any money, because Enid made me spend it all on a pair of crepe soled boots! Which are absolutely gorgeous, but now I'm broke.

lucykate · 06/10/2006 11:14

are there any ladies pj's?, thats the only thing i'm after but they haven't had any ladies nightwear at all for ages. i know they are expensive but dh's pj bottoms from there are really good and have outlasted all his m&s ones.

cupcakes · 06/10/2006 11:21

it's a shame that they don't have any pyjamas - I bought some brushed cotton ones from them years ago and they are still my favourites.

OP posts:
wanderingstar · 06/10/2006 11:33

Jackie I quite like the jumper...

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 06/10/2006 11:34

Sorry. Just me, maybe, wanderingstar.

wanderingstar · 06/10/2006 11:47

Each to their own ! I know Johnnie can be a little divisive...I've just bought the babycord kick pleat skirt, plus decided to get the velvet trim jumper in brown (it may go back...)and a couple of other things, and got 1 item for £1.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 06/10/2006 11:48

Bargain, wanderingstar!

lucykate · 06/10/2006 11:51

cupcakes, i have emailed them to ask about the pyjama's, will let you know if i get a reply.

cupcakes · 06/10/2006 12:02

good idea. I might e-mail them too.

OP posts:
IvortheEngine · 06/10/2006 12:08

I have about 4 pairs of their ladies pjs and I love them. I recently weeded my pjs drawer and I got rid of others but not the Boden ones as they are so warm even though I've had them for years.

lucykate · 06/10/2006 12:09

i think there is a boden sale in leicester next week at the football ground but not sure i'm brave enough to go as would have to take ds and i don't imagaine it would be very child friendly

Neena28 · 06/10/2006 12:13

I was going to go too LucyKate but will have to take buggy too. Can't make up my mind at all whether it is worth it or not.

lucykate · 06/10/2006 12:15

they've just replied, its a no , they are not doing any ladies pyjamas this season

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