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dh needs to go to a conference and it's smart-casual but refuses to wear Chinos

20 replies

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:13

what else can he wear? what does smart casual mean anyway? will he look a dick in a suit?

OP posts:
HonorMatopoeia · 05/10/2006 22:14

suit trousers and shirt without tie (Dh's uniform for smart casual!)

Prufrock · 05/10/2006 22:14


Yes suit will look dick if he's the only one wearing.

NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:14


He can wear a blazer, shirt (linen?), trousers, just not a suit. I'd say, anyway.

(WTF is up with a conference being smart-casual? Can I ask what industry he's in?)

Or he can just wear a suit. I've worked in "smart casual" offices where loads of people wore suits.

NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:15

Whoops, I'm apparently Prufrock's echo.

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:18

IT nerdy conference in France
won't wear cords

normal weekend kit is combats and chunky jumper or tight black jeans and biker boots.

he is having a nervous breakdown about cream coloured trousers with a pleat

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:20

Chunky jumper, suit trousers and biker boots? Claim that's what passes for smart casual in the UK?

NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:21

Seriously, a nice shirt and suit trousers would be fine.

WideWebWitch · 05/10/2006 22:23

I reckon he could get away with suit trousers if he wore a shirt with no tie and def no jacket. I think smart casual = not a suit but not jeans.

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:24
OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:25

Now I'm voting for combats, dress shirt and suit blazer.

Give us more options!

I want some paper dolls ...

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:25

oh cords = farmer


OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 05/10/2006 22:25

French nerds, ime, dress ok. Oddly enough. What with them being French and all.

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:26

combats , buttondown shirt and dinner jacket


OP posts:
mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:27

i think it is the french geeks that he is frightened of. has gone into a massive anti-gallic sulk

OP posts:
hatwoman · 05/10/2006 22:28

suit trousers and normal work shirt. Ok so it might not be his thing - but far better than going out and spending money on something he'll never wear again. he can take his combats for the evenings. smart casual is so crap for men. dh is a suit or jeans man - just has no interest in anything inbetween. i too have a thing about chinos. yuk.

hatwoman · 05/10/2006 22:30

dh says you can also get away with non-denim jeans - ie trousers cut like jeans but not denim.

sorrell · 05/10/2006 22:36

Boden moleskin trousers and shirt.

mothersruin · 05/10/2006 22:40

have just rifled throught the wardrobe and found some nice pale mustard jeans and a navy shirt- which he has agreed might do- only this conference is a week long so i don't know ...maybe i can try and replicate it.

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 06/10/2006 06:37

Mustard-coloured jeans sound workable. He should also bring a suit. If others are wearing suits, he can wear his, and all is well. If not, he can wear suit trousers with work shirt (no jacket, no tie), and be ok.

NotQuiteCockney · 06/10/2006 06:38

(And if he's the sort of geek who cares about what he wears, and owns the sort of interesting-sounding clothes you keep describing, I would have assumed he was French. So why on earth is he balking at the French thing?)

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