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weekend papers /style mags, MENS ISSUES-feeling gutted

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DarrellRivers · 01/10/2006 17:38

Due to purchasing sat telegraph and then sunday times, normally maximum feebie fash mags, unfortunately have missed out all round as both papers decided to have special men's issues this week.
Also missed out on Stella article on mumsnet so all round feeling lacking in style advice/women's chat this weekend
just posting for sympathy really

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Lio · 01/10/2006 17:53

The irony is that if anything I bought this weekend had something about fashion in, it will have gone straight in the recycling, but I do like your name

DarrellRivers · 01/10/2006 18:05

I can't fit anything else in my recycling box as have forgotten to put them out twice in a row

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