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Hairbands are they a really bad look?

16 replies

waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:29

I bought one today (a wide black one) and quite like the way it looks, should I dare go out in public

Oh and what is the correct way to wear them?

OP posts:
nearlythree · 29/09/2006 22:31

I have a couple which are great for keeping my hair out of my eyes and make me feel vaguely like I should be at a festival. Wouldn't be seen outside the house in them though, as I am way too old to even be thinking of going to Glastonbury.

notasheep · 29/09/2006 22:32
waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:33

So do you think 30 is too old?

OP posts:
waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:33

for a hairband that is?

OP posts:
CalifornifamousFanjo · 29/09/2006 22:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nearlythree · 29/09/2006 22:37

I'm 35.

Alice bands are a definite no-no on anyone over five IMO. But I think you are referring to the wide things that look a bit like a scarf has been tied around your head? Fine on a funky young person.

waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:38


OP posts:
brimfull · 29/09/2006 22:39

I think they look great ,fine on someone in their 30's

brimfull · 29/09/2006 22:40

as long as you're dressed quite stylish

nearlythree · 29/09/2006 22:41

Maybe I just look old!

hunkermunker · 29/09/2006 22:42


I had been reading this as "husbands are they a really bad look?" in active convos

waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:43

Oh I dont do stylish, not for want of trying though, just cant afford it

OP posts:
waterfalls · 29/09/2006 22:44

PMSL hunkermunker
the answer to that one is yes.

OP posts:
olivia35 · 29/09/2006 22:45

...the thing is, I cut the legs off destroyed tights, tie them to form a loop & use to keep (long, messy) hair out of eyes when (eg) cleaning the bath/sorting the attic. So I just can't be persuaded it's a fashion look...

hunkermunker · 29/09/2006 22:45

I might start that thread, actually

Miaou · 29/09/2006 22:48

Oh, I bought a silver one, with little diamante studs on it, a couple of years ago.

In my defence, I was pissed

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